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Pestco, Inc - Pest ManagementPestco Commerical Pest Control: Pittsburgh's premiere commercial pest control company. Discover why the region's most prestigious  businesses use Pestco for their commercial pest control service.

Bed Bugs. Think you might have a problem?

featpic-bedbugsProtect your good name and reputation. Our technicians are trained in all phases of bedbug identification and treatment. Call today for a free evaluation - Commercial establishments only.

Air Freshener Services

featpic-airfreshTotally-effective Air-Scent® systems. Fresh scents are associated with good housekeeping and unlike retail or janitorial products Pestco Commercial Pest Control Air-Scent® systems are guaranteed to work. Call today for a free trial.

Commercial Integrated Pest Management Services

Problem with Bedbugs?

Bedbugs do more than bite. They can destroy your good name and reputation. Take decisive measures now!

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The Green Shield Certified X-TermiGreen™ program from Pestco® Inc. offers effective pest control the healthy, environmentally responsible, green way. X-TermiGreen™ provides you with smarter, more effective pest control without the unnecessary use of pesticides. Our specially-trained technicians work to remove the underlying cause of pest problems while employing safe, eco-sensitive solutions to eliminate existing pest populations. Read More

Do you have multiple locations? Are you a national account with locations across North America? Pestco® is a proud partner of Copesan and can provide a consistent, high level service at each location for you. Read More

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Protecting health and enhancing indoor environments

Only Pestco, Inc. provides commercial establishments in Western PA with a holistic approach to Integrated Pest Management, Odor Control and Building Maintenance Solutions that we call Complete Facility Care™.

This fully-integrated array of environmental services and products provides the area’s most comprehensive package to address pest, odor and maintenance issues.

More than Just Pest Control

The Complete Facility Care™ program includes:

  • Integrated pest control and pest management (IPM) services.
    Insect, rodent and fly control strategies.
  • Environmental aromatics, odor control and air freshening services.
    Use fragrance to control odors or enhance any indoor environment.
  • Garbage dumpster and compactor odor control solutions.
    Unique Scatter® granules and automatic systems.
  • Electronic, non-zapping fly control.
    No one will ever know these handsome lights are trapping flies.
  • Drain line maintenance for odor and fly control.
    Get enzyme-action to maintain drains and grease traps.
  • Ask us about our Enviro-Master® Total Hygiene Services Provider.
Did you know that we make the products we use
right here in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania?

Family-owned and operated by proud Pittsburghers since 1946

pest control services Pittsburgh, PA / pest control Pittsburgh, PAPestco Professional Services is the nation’s only commercial service firm of its kind that actually manufactures the products it uses. That’s right. Pest control solutions, air fresheners, odor control products, ambient scent systems, fragrances, washroom hygiene products and more—all made locally in our 80,000 sq. ft. North Pittsburgh facility.
Call Pestco Commercial Pest Control today at 412-252-5200 for a complete facility evaluation. Or use our convenient on-line information request.

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