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Servicing commercial businesses for well over seven decades throughout Greater Pittsburgh, all Western PA counties, Ohio and the West Virginian panhandle with effective odor neutralizing systems, deodorizers, organic waste degraders, automated trash room and dumpster spray and non-polluting solutions.

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Are you a company owner or business manager who is besieged with the problem of bad odors that have made themselves at home in your establishment or office? No business owner can afford to permit malodors kill your reputation or ruin your bottom line; whether you're running a restaurant, bank, fitness studio, hotel or any other facility, bad smells, if not treated promptly or properly, get worse and more stubborn by the day, causing a negative impression with your customers.

Our strategic partner, Air-Scent®, has decades of experience in mastering the art of molecular odor elimination and air freshening systems, and through our complete facility care program, we've bundle their expertise with ours, and rounded it off with Enviro-master's fully-effective washroom hygiene cleaning services — one complete arsenal fighting against pests, germs and malodors.

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Explore Our Odor Eliminating Products for Commercial Establishments

Whether it’s organic waste from trash rooms, garbage dumpsters, or odors that accumulate around restroom urinals, toilets and drains, the following advanced odor neutralizing products have been decimating malodors and ensuring hygienically-clean facilities for businesses throughout Western PA and the surrounding states since 1946.


Pittsburgh Pestco Commercial Odor Control

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The Aroma One™ Commercial Air Hygiene Dispenser

The AromaOne has been specifically designed to provide vaporous diffusion and molecular malodor neutralization via Metazene® for smaller spaces such as washrooms, entryways, hallways and more.

It's modern design provides optimal air flow and air velocity and outperforms all other designs in the marketplace. Even more, it provides continuous 60-day and linear output for the best possible end user experience. The AromaOne is the perfect choice for professional air hygiene.


Drip-O-Matic® Urinal & Toilet Cleaning Appliance System

Description: What should you do to stop odors from commercial urinals and toilets? Let the experts at Pestco install one of our battery-free, automatic odor neutralizing and cleaning dispensers. The Drip-O-Matic® dispenser provides continuous odor protection 24 hours a day, working hard around the clock, so you don’t have to.

The complete Drip-O-Matic® service includes:

  1. Professional installation
  2. Initial filling and calibration of dispensers
  3. Expert service every 28 days
  4. Repair or replacement of dispensers

Enz-O-Matic™ Drain Treatment & Waste Digester

Great for Floor Drain and Grease Trap

Description: Enz-O-Matic™ CONCENTRATE features a high concentration of non-patogenic,
live bacteria cultures to rapidly degrade organic waste. Plus, Enz-O-Matic™ cleans and deodorizes with a unique blend of special surfactants and proprietary odor counteractant fragrances. Enz-O-Matic™ concentrate is entirely non-polluting, contains no acids or corrosives and is certified salmonella free.
Choose from these fragrances: Black Cherry, Cinnamon Stick, Big Z Lemon, Juicy Lemon, Kleen Aire, Sliced Green Apple, Spring Mint Green, Sunshine and Wildberry. Manual and automated application systems available.

Gallon Containers, 4 per case
Quart Bottles, 12 per case
5 Gallon Pails
55 Gallon Drums


Scatter® Odor Control Granules For Trash, Dumpsters & Municipal Waste

Description: Powerfully-effective Scatter® Odor Counteractant Granules contain exclusive Metazene® odor destroying additive. Scatter® brand granules are formulated to handle even the toughest odors from restaurant, institutional, commercial and municipal waste. Scatter® offers the perfect solution to odor problems from trash containers, garbage dumpsters and compactors.

55 Gallon Fiber Drum, 455 lbs. (206.57 kg)
30 Gallon Fiber Drum, 250 lbs. (113.5 kg)
5 Gallon Plastic Pail, 45 lbs. (20.43 kg)
4/8 lb. Plastic Jugs, 35 lbs. (15.89 kg)

Automated dumpster spray systems also available

Dumpster Trash Room Spray Odor Control System




Engage Our Enviro-Master® Restroom Hygiene Services Program

Deep restroom cleaning doesn’t get more thorough than the Enviro-Master treatment — a top to bottom, inside and out cleansing of washroom fixtures, walls, floors and more to ensure disease and bacteria reduction, and above all your good business reputation. Available nation-wide.

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