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For those that own or operate a business facility in Kittanning, Ford City, Leechburg, Orchard Hills, Freeport, Apollo, West Hills, Parker or any other city, borough or township throughout Armstrong County, our decades of experience has made us the go-to company for pest management and commercial hygiene services for any commercial or industrial space.


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Five-star ratings don't come easily. They take years of providing reliable service and consistently answering the unique needs of each and every business owner or manager that engages our services. Since we opened our doors well over 70 years ago, we have done exactly that, and Armstrong businesses have increasingly turned to Pestco for the most advanced pest control and facility hygiene care needs. Explore our services below, or chat with our team today.

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The Major Pests of Armstrong County

Pests common to this county that may require help from the professional exterminators at Pestco include: cockroaches, termites, fleas, ticks, bed bugs, and spiders. Although many may first attempt to apply home remedies to the situation, in most cases of infestation, this usually culminates in giving the pests more time to multiply and wreak destruction.

The Brown Marmorated Stinkbug

Agriculture has always been a strong industry, heavy on dairy farming and a very valuable mushroom crop. One of the biggest threats to mushrooms is the highly destructive Brown Marmorated Stink Bug. This invasive creature was always a nuisance in this county but in the last year or so, their numbers have skyrocketed and they are now considered a major threat to Pennsylvania agriculture. Experts are scrambling for solutions and the knowledgeable exterminators at Pestco are always on top of the latest innovations in pest management. Rid your business of any stinkbug infestation »

Why Have Stinkbug Populations Increased In Armstrong?

According to Greg Krawczyk, an entomologist at the Penn State Fruit Research and Extension Center in Biglerville, PA, stinkbug populations have dramatically increased because they have had no natural biological controls, such as predators and parasites, which would serve to keep their population in check. If stink bugs are invading your business, or you have any other pest-related challenge, our teams are standing by — (412) 252-5200.


How Complete Facility Care Can Help Your Armstrong Business

One commitment, one company and a multitude of diverse professional services define the scope of Pestco’s Full Facility Care Bundled Program. In addition to pest control and pest management services, this special program also provides environmental odor control and air freshening options. For orchards and field crops that might be negatively affected by pesticides, Pestco’s Green Shield Certified X-Termi Green offers an eco-sensitive solution.

Tourist attractions, including parks, museums and restaurants, such as those designated below, depend upon repeat traffic to succeed. Clean, fresh-smelling restrooms and dining areas could benefit greatly from Pestco’s air freshening strategies, which include Nation-wide Enviro-Master total washroom Hygiene Services and other environmental odor control options.

We're standing by to lend a professional hand or urgent solution whenever needed. Our knowledgeable technicians attend monthly training sessions and are always one step ahead of any invading pest.

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The Pestco Shield Of Hygiene Excellence

We like to think local at Pestco, and our management and service teams love to support their favorite Erie County establishments that continuously maintain impeccable facility hygiene. The following represents just a mere few of our staff’s picks — restaurants and public establishments that meet a noteworthy level of hygiene excellence.

If you’d like to engage our Complete Facility Care program and perhaps be listed below, give us a shout or submit an inquiry »

Crooked Creek Horse Park

Crooked Creek Horse Park in western Pennsylvania is the place to go for horse lovers. The 97.5-acre park lies within the Crooked Creek Park and Lake system and is managed by the Fort Armstrong Horsemen's Association, Inc. This impressive facility offers anything a horse enthusiast could desire including horse shows, trail and endurance riding, riding clinics and a full scale rodeo. They also have camping space, a full service kitchen and restrooms with showers


Armstrong County Historical Museum

Located on the outskirts of the county seat of Kittanning, this museum is actually one of the area’s oldest homes. Built in the 1840s, the McCain House was both a private home and a school before it was bequeathed to the Armstrong County Historical Museum and Genealogical Society. This estate features well preserved period furniture and one interesting large painting dating back to 1878 that was discovered in the attic during restoration. It features an overview of Kittanning executed by the famous Pittsburg artist, George Hetzel.


Falsetti Villa Restaurant

This 4-star, Kittanning restaurant has been owned and operated by the Falsetti family since 1971. Their menu is varied and extensive and includes many traditional dishes cooked to perfection and certain to satisfy the palettes of the most demanding gourmands. The wine list is quite distinctive as well, and it includes an impressive array of red and white and sparkling wines to complement any dinner option. For Lou and Rosanne Falsetti, their mission in life is to create an amazing Italian dining experience for all of their guests.



A Brief Pest-Centric Trip Through Armstrong County's History

For aboriginal people living in this region when the world was young, life centered around hunting and farming, the cultivation of crops and the storing of food stuffs through the colder months of the year. There was always a need for pest control but not always a means to effectively do it. They did the best they could, over planting crops in many instances to compensate for expected losses.

The Ancient Mound Builders

Apart from the indigenous population of native-Americans, there were other early inhabitants of this region of which little is known. They were a race of men known as the mound builders and while they have left behind no written record, their circular earthen architecture remains a baffling enigma. It is believed these early people were tall and athletic, and some two years ago, a giant mound found in the region uncovered 49 skeletons, some of which were more than 8 feet tall. Archaeologists surmise they were they were driven further south by hostile Indian forces, most likely the Delaware Indians.

Formation of Armstrong County

Created on March 12, 1800, from parts of Allegheny, Westmoreland, and Lycoming Counties, the county is named after an American civil engineer, John Armstrong, who was a delegate for the state of Pennsylvania in the Continental Congress and later served as a major general in the Pennsylvania Militia during the Revolutionary War. Kittanning was named the county seat in 1821 and its moniker derives from a Delaware Indian village of the same name.


Okay, we’ve spent enough time on the past. Let’s gets down to your businesses’ pest, odor and germ-germ free future. Send us a message with your facility details, or speak with one of our experts at (412) 252-5200.