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If you own, operate or run a business, complex or commercial facility anywhere throughout Clarion, Pennsylvania, including but not limited to Marianne, Knox, New Bethlehem, Rimersburg, East Brady, Sligo, Emlenton, Strattanville, Hawthorn or any other city, town, township or borough throughout the beautiful lands of Clarion, we provide the most effective, complete and reliable facility hygiene services and have been since 1948.


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We founded our company in 1948, and have since been operating as a proud, local Pittsburgh and Pennsylvania-based business. All of our employees, service men, women, and on-staff entomologists are dedicated to consistently staying steps ahead of any pest, germ or malodor.

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The More Invasive Pests of Clarion County

Clarion country businesses have had their fair share of pest control problems. Typical pests in the Clarion region include bedbugs, termites, spiders and rodents. Additionally, for businesses with public grounds, the coveted trees that decorate the exteriors of professional facilities, buildings or any structure have also been besieged by their own destructive pests. Send us a quick message with your details, or speak with our sales team today at (412) 252-5200.

The Gypsy Moth

The Gypsy Moth wreaked havoc in the 1920 and 30s, but current insect threats are even worse. The woolly adelgid, which has killed thousands of hemlock trees in the region, can be found today in 56 of Pennsylvania’s 67 counties.

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Pest Control, Odor Control, Air Freshening, & Washroom Deep Cleaning All-In-One

Complete Facility Care

While a pest infestation can have devastating effects on any business, we know full well that poor facility hygiene can also have the same damaging blow to your reputation, potentially killing company morale, repeat business and more. With that, and along with our professional Pest Control services, we have developed a Complete Facility Care Program — a special bundled program offering a vast array of other professional hygiene services including environmental odor control, thorough restroom fixture deep cleaning hygiene services and professional air freshening. Pests, germs and smelly air “be gone” in one fail swoop of a program.

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The Pestco Shield Of Hygiene Excellence

We not only love to help local Western PA businesses improve the cleanliness and hygiene of their facilities, we also love to highlight those that continually meet the proverbial gold bar standard of “clean customer satisfaction”. Below are just a few of our favorite throughout the beautiful lands and cities of Mercer County. Don’t hesitate if you’d like to engage our services and be listed along side these stellar establishments »

Cook Forest Fun Park

Cook Forest State Park is home to the largest stand of virgin white pine and towering hemlock trees east of the Mississippi River. Known as a “Forest Cathedral,” this tract of tree-lined land is a national natural landmark that covers 6,000 acres with a frontage of eight miles along the Clarion River. In the early 1940s, Cecil B. De Mille filmed the movie, Unconquered, here. This local park is a picturesque and a very popular recreational area.

It is feared the area’s major pest, the wooly adelgid, if not stopped by pervasive pest control methods, will soon invade the old growth stands of trees in this landmark park.

Lavender Green Farms

Built in 1888, this unique farm offers visitors an up-close-and-personal encounter with lavender. The glorious redolent acreage of flowering purple gardens as far as the eye can see was originally purchased during the turbulent times of the American Civil War. Educational garden tours are held every year during the first and second lavender bloom in June and September. Craft demonstrations, a sampling of culinary specialties made with lavender and the opportunity to purchase products made with farm-grown lavender are only some of the many farm tour opportunities available for visitors.

Allegheny Grille  

This impressive 4-star bar and grill located at 40 Main Street in the riverside borough of Foxburg offers an unusual upscale dining experience. The restaurant has an appropriate mantra. ‘Come For The Food; Stay For The View.’ Situated on a bluff overlooking the breathtaking flow of the Allegheny River, the food and service are excellent. The setting is positively lovely, enhanced by the large windows on the riverside area and the outside deck.

Clarion County is rich in history and resources and has much to offer both for the locals who make their homes here and the visitors who come to see the unique attractions. Call our experts at Pestco and leave your business maintenance to us » (412) 252-5200.


Some Historical Clarion County Pest Trends

By way of history, trees have always been Pennsylvania's most valuable renewable natural resource, and our early settlers didn’t have many choices concerning how to protect them from invasive pests. Biological pest control, which involves using an insect species to control the population of an invading insect, was a suggested technique that had been applied in ancient China, but for our early settlers, the science of forestry was barely understood. Still, by the 1860s, major losses of natural resources led to quarantine procedures, inspections and an increased interest in pest control.

The Woolly Adelgid

This invasive little bugger was accidentally introduced into the United States from Japan. It was first discovered in southeastern Pennsylvania in 1969 and over the decades has made its destructive way westward sucking the life out of spruce and hemlock trees. It is an insect that is easily detected by the egg sacs that resemble cotton swabs that cling to the undersides of hemlock tree branches.

It has been suggested that a two-pronged treatment consisting of one selective application of insecticides and the release of predatory beetles may help to curtail the ravaging infestation. County officials are dealing with the problem as best they can, and our experts at Pestco, a family-owned and 5-Star reviewed pest-management company with a crew of extremely knowledgeable technicians, are contributing in every way we can to help save the eastern hemlock trees of Clarion County.

In addition to exterior pest control services, we provide superior, commercial pest control services for the interiors of restaurants, hotels, gyms, spas, malls, banks, schools, nursing homes, food processing plants, municipal buildings, department stores, strip malls and much more. Message us your facility particulars, or give us a shout today (412) 252-5200.