Why Pressure Washing Is Vital To Your Pittsburgh Business

While the terms, power and pressure washing are used interchangeably in many instances, they are not exactly the same.

Power or jet washing usually entails heated water, while pressure washing relies solely on cold water. A clean exterior is vital to the successful operation of all types of business operations.

Both pressure and power washing require harnessing the potency of high pressure water spray to remove loose paint, mold, grime, dirt and dust from cars, buildings and all types of concrete surfaces.

External cleaning for a Pittsburgh commercial facility often involves multiple ares of concern; namely exterior walls; parking garages; parking lots, dumpsters, sidewalks and pool areas.

Pittsburgh Pressure Washing Services

How Does Pressure Washing Work?

The job is always a big one, and the key to its certain success lies in choosing high quality pressure washing services from our expert technicians at Pestco Professional Services.

Scrubbing a surface with a pressure washing machine is faster and far more effective than by any other means.

This machine is a vital tool that serves to create a consistent pattern capable of cleaning a wide range of flat surfaces rapidly.

Its ability to do this lies in the two to four high pressure jets on a rotating bar that pivot when the water flows.

Expressed in gallons or liters per minute, the volume of a commercial pressure washer is designed into the pump itself and is not variable.

Commercial Power Washing Services

Pressure is conveyed by pascals or bars in pounds per square inch and is also implemented into the pump, but it can be varied and adjusted via the unloader valve.

Pressure washers are equipped with the latest cutting edge technologies that allows them to perform a wide range of services.

The dirt, grime, mildew and mold found on almost any hard surface made of concrete, tile or brick, can be effectively removed by commercial pressure washing.

The process works by releasing a jet of high pressure water mixed with a cleaning agent that is designed to break down stubborn contaminants. A safe amount of pressure is also applied afterwards to rinse everything away.

Pittsburgh Pressure Wash Service

Although pressure is extremely effective, it must be used in tandem with a soft bristle brush, which serves to lift build up from heavily soiled spots that won’t come out.

These brushes can also tackle those hard to reach places, like grooves and edges.

Hard And Soft Pressure Washing Examples

High pressure is more effective in some instances than a softer touch. A stable surface, such as concrete, requires heavy pressure because it is permeable and allows easy access and penetration from contaminants.

Significant pressure is needed to flush them out. A soft wash by its very nature requires less water pressure and uses cleansers and a bristle brush for resistant spots.

We recommend this procedure for siding, which will require varying degrees of pressure, depending on the type selected. Soft washing is also often indicated when cleaning a roof.

Shingles constructed from asphalt are fragile, and they cannot tolerate hard pressure. Cleansers take over for the most part and they attack and remove streaks, algae and other accumulated debris.

 Before Pressure Washing Treatment

Commercial Power Washing Before

After Pressure Washing Treatment

Professional Power Washing After

How Can Power Washing Benefit Your Business?

Commercial pressure washing offers many benefits for any building of any kind. Some of the more important  are listed below.

1. Cleanliness Attracts Building Traffic

The “curb appeal” of a particular building is directly proportional to its flow of traffic. The maintenance of an attractive exterior is a formula for creating the right first impression.

Building managers and owners should take note of the fact that there is never a a second chance to change that.

2. Well-Maintained Buildings Increase Property Values

Property values rely heavily on appearances. The unspoken message of a poorly maintained building signifies neglect and a lack of concern for everyone and everything within its grimy walls.

There is no more certain way to discourage business of any kind than to neglect the exterior cleaning of a building.

3. Increased Property Values

Well-kept properties by their very nature have a higher market value that those that are not.

Less obvious, perhaps, is the reality that destructive pathogens, such as mold and mildew over time can cause considerable property damage.

Proper building maintenance is a great help in keeping a property safe and sound.

4. Improvement in Customer And Employee Satisfaction

It is depressing to be surrounded by dirt and neglect during a working day.

Such conditions makes a worker, visitor or customer feel that they too are neglected and this in turn leads to a disinterest and distaste in surroundings and ultimately, a reduction in traffic and desire to work efficiently.

Building cleanliness via power washing should never be underestimated for its positive results in the long run.

What Specific Areas Should Be Washed?

Some areas our commercial pressure washers address include the following:

Building Exteriors and Interiors

There is no better way to keep the exterior walls of any large building clean than the routine application of a commercial pressure washer.

Debris can accumulate and cause damage and degradation to concrete, which can be prohibitive in cost to repair or replace.

Building floors in restaurants, gas stations and other businesses that are subject to a high degree of foot traffic, are subject to a massive buildup of dirt and grime.

A commercial pressure washer can both clean and properly sanitize these interiors.

Sidewalks and Walkways

Due to significant foot traffic, grime and dirt easily build up on both the sidewalks and walkways of large commercial buildings.

They need to be regularly maintained, and commercial pressure washing can help if these structures are made from either brick or concrete.

Materials like gravel or sand will not fare well with a power washer.

Parking Lots And Garages

The curb appeal of a building is is also measured by how well the parking lots and garages are maintained.

Power washing does wonders for asphalt surfaces that have accumulated debris from stains, standing water, which can break down surfaces, bird droppings, gas leakage and other related issues.

Pool Areas

Particularly true for hotels and gym owners and managers who offer pool amenities to their clientele, water and surrounding areas must be clean, sparkling and sanitary at all times.

Due to the fact that most pool zones are lined with brick, concrete or tile, their surfaces respond well to commercial pressure washing.

Dumpsters And Dumpster Pads

Dumpsters and the concrete pads upon which they rest are constant sources of dirt, grime and filth.

The interior itself is not problematic, but it can only accommodate a limited amount of debris accumulation without proper maintenance.

Once a dumpster begins to smell, the time has come to give it a thorough cleaning. The dumpster pad also requires the attention of a commercial pressure washer.

Hygiene Services And Solutions For Pittsburgh Businesses

We have been servicing businesses of all types throughout Pittsburgh, western Pennsylvania and surrounding tri-state areas  for the past decade and for the last 50 years.

Our commitment to service far exceeds being a health and safety-conscious company, as the lives of their customers and employees are always of paramount importance.

We offer a variety of cost-effective commercial cleaning services to every industry that includes: stellar customer service; consistent performance and a cost-effective health and safety program.

Cleaing Solutions For Pittsburgh Businesses

To owners and managers of commercial spaces, investing in a reliable commercial pressure washing company will not only protect your customers and employees but also the overall success of business.

Take the next step to keep your building’s exterior or interior looking its best and experience what a safe and enjoyable environment can do for your company.

Call our teams at Pestco Professional Services today, and have a safe, clean building tomorrow!


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