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For any business owner or operator in Altoona, Hollidaysburg, Tyrone, Bellwood, Roaring Springs, Greenwood, Martinsbugh or any other city, borough or township throughout Blair County, we're a leading provider of commercial pest control, washroom hygiene services and air freshening systems since 1948.


70 Years, 5-Stars & Thousands Upon Thousands Of Satisfied Clients

Yep — seventy years and counting, both in years, satisfied clients and in building and perfecting the most comprehensive facility hygiene services program for restaurants, nursing homes, hotels, factories, convention centers, amusement parks and venues, stadiums, theaters, office complexes, food processing, schools, universities, bars and much more.  Explore our services below, or chat with our team today.

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The Major Pests of Altoona & Blair County

Blair County has the usual creepy crawlies and flying insects that can make any commercial or industrial space very unpleasant. These include but are not limited to: American and German roaches, spiders, beetles, the Asian Tiger Mosquito and other varieties, termites, flies, the Brown Marmorated Stinkbug and ants (both carpenter and black). Rest assured, none of these are a match for our pest management services »

Are You In Need Of Commercial Pest Control?

To rid a working area of these pests requires special and sometimes delicate pest control and management strategies, and our experts are always one step ahead of the invading insects and rodents that if left unchecked, will overrun an area where they have established themselves.

Regardless of your industry or the creepy crawlers that may be threatening your good name, we have the most seasoned, pest control solutions to ensure your bottom line never suffers from any infestation. Call us today for any pest emergency or for ongoing pest maintenance (412) 252-5200.


Complete Facility Care - Washroom Hygiene, Pest Control & Professional Odor Control

Family owned and in continuous operation since 1948, our commitment to cost-effective pest control and management strategies is well known throughout the industry, but pest control is just one of our many offerings. Knowing full-well that pests, poor restroom hygiene and malodors can equally have the same destructive effect on your bottom line, we create Complete Facility Care, an all-in-one, bundled program, offering a combination of pest control and management strategies coupled with environmental odor and top-of-the-line air freshening systems as well as professional, deep cleaning washroom hygiene services. An entire suite of effective facility hygiene cleaning services. Call for a free facility evaluation (800) 473-7820 or click to learn more below.

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The Pestco Shield Of Hygiene Excellence

We not only love to help local Western PA businesses improve the cleanliness and hygiene of their facilities, we also love to highlight those that continually meet the proverbial gold bar standard of “clean customer satisfaction”. Below are just a few of our favorite throughout the beautiful lands and cities of Mercer County. Don’t hesitate if you’d like to engage our services and be listed along side these stellar establishments »

Del Grosso’s Amusement Park

The DelGrosso family purchased this amusement park located in Tipton,PA, back in 1946. It’s original name was Bland's Park, which stuck until 2000. The founders wanted to provide a place where people could afford to come and stay all day with their children. Today, visitors can buy an All Day Pass and do a myriad of pleasant things, which include: unlimited access to The Kid’s Kingdom, midway rides and access to the Water Park. Enjoy the food offered at midway concessions such as: Sauce Boss Pizzeria, Murf's Kitchen, or the Corner Bistro.

Blue Knob Ski Resort

Located in Claysburg, PA, Blue Knob is very popular among skiers and snowboarders and its 3,172 feet summit elevation is the highest of any ski resort in the state. Its high elevation provides snow that sticks to the slopes well into spring. Its 1,072 vertical drop is challenging terrain and most suitable for advanced skiers, but there are beginner ski trails at the top of the mountain.


The Tom & Joe Diner

This family owned diner has been in continuous operation since December of 1933. Founded by Tom Batrus and his brother, Joe, this eatery has become a local institution featuring home-style breakfasts and luncheon specials in a friendly dining atmosphere. Located in downtown Altoona, Tom & Joe’s has been renovated but still retains that vintage diner experience.

If you live within the boundaries of Blair County and own or manage a commercial or industrial property, you may well find yourself in need of Pestco’s superior pest control and building hygiene management services. So don't hesitate to give us a ring (800) 473-7820.

A Few Historical Blair County Pest Facts

Created in February of 1846 from parts of Huntingdon and Bedford Counties, the county was named for one of its most respected and public-spirited citizens, a Scottish civil engineer named John Blair. The county seat, Hollidaysburg was named in honor of two early settlers, Adam and William Holliday. Early German and Scotch-Irish settlers had deadly clashes with the indigenous American populations of Lenape aka the Original People who resented their encroachment. These early peoples had developed a complex form of farming including the cultivation of a variety of crops that included: corn (maize) beans and squash, all of which were threatened by many insect pests.

Native American Pest Control Methods

For the native Americans, pest control was largely a spiritual problem, brought upon the tribes for what they believed were offenses committed against ancient deities. Still, they were not passive in dealing with these pests for their very lives depended on these crops. They had some help with Mother Nature in the form of migratory birds traveling from field to field that ate many diverse types of insects and the tenuous practice of introducing natural predators in the hopes they would devour the invading army of insects.

Early Industry

For many years, the first settlers of Blair County engaged in farming and agriculture. During the late 17th and 18th centuries, saw and gristmills began to appear. The earliest recorded mills were those of Jacob Neff and Thomas Blair. A sawmill was usually found near a gristmill, and the same dam supplied the water for both. The establishment of distilleries came soon after. Whiskey was considered as much a necessity as flour and tobacco, which due to its toxic content of nicotine was used effectively as a natural organic pesticide for many years.

One fourth of Blair County is farmland even thought the mountainous terrain makes cultivation of certain crops more difficult. The county ranks twenty-fourth among Pennsy­lvania’s sixty-seven counties in income from livestock. The city of Altoona developed because of the Pennsyl­vania Railroad’s yards founded there in 1846. Until the 1970’s, this was the main employer in the county.

They say history repeats itself, but it doesn’t have to when it comes to the germs, pests and malodors that might be causing your business to incur negative online reviews, smelly restrooms, weakened company morale or damaged bottom line. Engage our complete facility care program today and start steering the hygienic path of your business future — (412) 252-5200.