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For those that own or operate a business facility, building or complex in Farrel, Hermitage or Sharon, Grove City, Greenville, Sharpsville, Mercer or any other city, town, township or borough throughout Mercer County, our teams at Pestco have been leading they way towards impeccable facility hygiene and a pest-free commercial environments for well over years.


Seventy Years Serving The Facility Care Needs Of Mercer Businesses

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Since the very moment our businesses doors swung open back in 1948, our mission has been to provide the most-effective and reliable pest control, pest management and building facility care services to businesses throughout Western PA. We understand five-star rating are not given easily, rather they come from hard-earned respect and impeccable service. We value each and every client and each and every vote of confidence given.  Explore our services below, or chat with our team today.

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Mercer County Pest Trends

Carpenter and black ants, bedbugs, termites, black flies, German and American Cockroaches, stinkbugs, fleas and spiders are all commonplace pests in commercial and industrial spaces throughout Mercer County. Rid your Mercer business of any pest-related problem »

Mercer County's Brood X Cicada Problem

Additionally, millions of Brood X cicadas appeared in Mercer and other nearby counties in 2013. Emerging every 17 years, cicadas slowly suck on tree roots. Brood X varieties arise from their underground cavity already sated with most of the energy they need to breed. According to biologist Keith Clay, “Brood X cicadas don't harm evergreen trees or leafy, non-woody plants. But isolated shrubs, broad-leafed trees, and trees with soft, woody branches are vulnerable.”

The Leading Hygiene Care & Pest Management Company

Whether its cicadas, bed bugs, termites or any other insect or rodent, our experts have years of experience ridding businesses of any pestilent nuisance. Explore our pest control services, delve into our complete facility hygiene program, or call us with any emergency or to engage our ongoing, preventative maintenance programs » (412) 252-5200


Pestco’s Complete Facility Care Program

We know full well that pest free, hygienically clean and fresh-smelling commercial establishments are a formula for happy customers and improved bottom line. So we’ve created the Complete Facility Care program. Commercial and industrial space owners in Mercer County, PA can now enjoy a cost-effective, bundled system offering professional pest control and management services, environmental and odor control strategies, thorough monthly deep-cleaning washroom sanitation, coupled with air freshening services provided by the air-diffusing experts at Air Scent.

In continuous operation since 1948, Pestco is a family owned and 5-Star reviewed company, whose extremely knowledgeable technicians attend monthly sessions to continually keep ahead of the invading pests that can wreak havoc on commercial and industrial spaces. Secure your establishment with Complete Facility Care.

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The Pestco Shield Of Hygiene Excellence

We not only love to help local Western PA businesses improve the cleanliness and hygiene of their facilities, we also love to highlight those that continually meet the proverbial gold bar standard of “clean customer satisfaction”. Below are just a few of our favorite throughout the beautiful lands and cities of Mercer County. Don’t hesitate if you’d like to engage our services and be listed along side these stellar establishments »

Quaker Steak and Lube

Located in Sharon, PA, the Quaker Steak and Lube was founded in 1974. This family-friendly restaurant with a motor sports-themed ambiance is often known just as “The Lube.” This eatery is unique in more ways than one; the food has won awards, the service is impeccable, it is the site of many super charged local events and its décor is unforgettable. There are more than 45 locations and The Lube boasts that it serves over 80 million buffalo wings per year, sells its bottled sauces globally and has won hundreds of local and international awards for both its wings and more than 20 one-of-a-kind wing sauces.


Buhl Mansion Guest House and Spa

Located in Sharon, PA, this 1890s stone castle, which is listed on the National Register of Historic Places, is one of America’s most romantic inns. The former home of steel magnate, Frank H. Buhl, it is the perfect getaway for a romantic rendezvous, spa experience, executive retreat or the enchanted setting for a castle wedding. The Romanesque structure was completed in 1896 for a total cost of $60,000.00. It fell into disarray and was restored in 1996. The multi-million dollar restoration transformed this once splendid mansion into ten luxurious guestrooms, a full service spa with over 100 indulgent treatments and spectacular gardens fit for fairytale wedding celebrations.

Grove Outlet Mall

Grove City Premium Outlets is a beautiful open-air outlet center that is a shopper’s paradise. It features more than 130 brand-name outlet stores and is located along Interstate 79, four miles south of its junction with Interstate 80, in Springfield Township, west of Grove City. One of its greatest incentives is tax-free shopping on most clothing and shoes with daily savings of 25-65% off retail prices. Some important brands available include: Calvin Klein, Chico’s, Coach, J. Crew, Polo Ralph Lauren Factory Store, Tommy Hilfiger, and Vera Bradley just to name a few.

For owners of any type of commercial or industrial space within the confines of Mercer County, remember the name of Pestco for solutions to any pest control or pest management problem. Its bundled program provides the commitment of one company dedicated to premium service. Send us your facility particulars, or call us today and find out more about our complete facility hygiene services program - (800) 473-7820.

A Few Historical Pest-Centric Mercer County Facts

Created in March of 1800 from part of Allegheny County and named for Scottish soldier and physician, General Hugh Mercer, this virgin forest territory was included in the Last Purchase from the Six Nations Indian tribes in the Treaty of Fort Stanwix of 1784. The land was intended as compensation to Revolutionary War veterans. Settlement began slowly in the 1790s but because the terms of the treaty were not accepted by the Seneca (Cornplanters) tribe, attacks on settlers was a common occurrence until General Anthony Wayne, a former Brigadier General in the Continental Army and a close friend of George Washington, defeated them in 1805.

Early Settlement, Industry and Pestilence

The native-Americans lived off the land by hunting, farming crops and fishing. They fought off the insects that invaded their trinity of crops: corn, squash and beans with rudimentary tools and ideas. They believed the insects were a plague brought upon them for offenses committed against primitive gods. They could only pray and observe when the insects came, and which crops they devoured. They responded by growing more than they needed hoping, often in vain, that the surplus would balance the loss incurred by insect invasion.

Throughout the 17th and 18th centuries, world travel opened up the every day life of the once cloistered farmer living in rural areas. From across the ocean, Sir Francis Bacon helped to introduce scientific measures to combat pests. New ideas, materials and cultures expanded conventional knowledge of pesticides. A fumitory known as tobacco proved to be an excellent natural pesticide due to its content of toxic nicotine.

The towns of Mercer County were established between 1796 and 1798. Even in its earlier days, both free blacks and slave populations lived in the area. The Underground Railroad played a significant role in Mercer’s historical development. Distilleries and grist and sawmills distinguished the early economy. Coal and iron mining developed after the openings of the Allegheny River Canal in 1834 and the Erie Canal in 1844. Industry was further galvanized in 1864 with the advent of the railroads. The first steel mill opened in 1887; the Sharon Steel works in 1896. Today farming comprises 42% of the county’s land and oats and sheep are its two largest agricultural commodities.

Okay, we've covered enough about the history of Mercer's pestilent past — let’s start establishing the odor-free, germ-free and pest free future of your business »