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Westmoreland County PA Commercial Facility Hygiene & Pest Control

If you operate a business facility anywhere throughout Murrysville, Greensburg, New Kensington, Lower Burrell, Jeannette, Latrobe, Monessen, Vandergrift, Arnold or any other Westmoreland County city, township or borough, we're fully-equipped to handle any of your pest-related or building hygiene related challenges.


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We opened our doors in 1948, and have been constantly evolving to serve the needs of our clients ever since. We continually strive to deliver cutting-edge pest control and hygiene maintenance solutions so you as a business owner can focus on what you do best — run your business. Our passion to deliver best in class solutions has blessed us with the gracious 5-star rating our clients have bestowed upon us.

“Was BUGGED with hundreds of flying ants. One call to this company and problem solved. Quick, affordable and very courteous. Could not be happier.
Professional through and through..”

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The Major Pests of Westmoreland County

The following are just a few of the many pests indigenous to Westmoreland County. They all require the aid of professional pest management experts and exterminators»

Termites, Cicadas, German Cockroaches, Oh My

In addition to the typical cast of annoying characters, such as termites, cicadas, American and German cockroaches, stink bugs, ants, mosquitoes and stinging insects, this county is plagued with destructive insects such as Emerald ash borers and three Asian pests; namely, the aphid-like, wooly adelgids, ambrosia beetles and long-horned beetles. These insects threaten the future of the trees in Westmoreland County. Sirex wood wasps join this invasive bug team that devastate ash, oak, hemlock, pine and maple trees.

The Emerald Ash Borer Beetle

The Emerald ash borer beetle invasion is so acute in Westmoreland County that a quarantine has been has been issued prohibiting residents to transport firewood outside the borders. This calls for immediate action from the expert exterminators at Pestco, who specialize in all areas of pest control. Perhaps most important is their Green Shield Certified X-Termi Green program, which provides additional sustainable protection without pesticides, which would otherwise harm the already endangered trees in the area. Whatever your pest, we've got your solution »


Complete Facility Care™
Serving Westmoreland County Businesses

Family-owned and 5-star reviewed, We have developed a bundled program for business to take the worry out of keeping their commercial facility pest free and within state and local health and hygiene regulations.

This special program provides cost-effective, professional pest management and environmental odor control in one package. Air fresheners and Pestco’s Nation-wide Enviro-Master Total Washroom Hygiene Services are the perfect solution for maintaining healthy and fresh-smelling bathrooms for restaurants, museums and outdoor facilities such as the parks restaurants and recreation areas that are featured in our Pestco shield of excellence section below.

These services are essential for any establishment seeking word of mouth referrals and return customers to increase their bottom line.

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The Pestco Shield Of Hygiene Excellence

Hygiene excellence is achievable. It just takes diligence, persistence and the know-how to outsmart pests, germs and malodorous molecules from infiltrating your business environment. The follow represent a few of our staff’s favorite Westmoreland establishments that deserve the Pestco shield.

If you’d like to learn more about our Complete Facility Care program and perhaps be listed below, give us a call or send an email with your particulars »

Ligonier Beach

Ligonier Valley Bathing Beach and it’s landmark swimming pool, restaurant, bar and pavilion have been around since July of 1925. The beach’s stellar reputation as a place known for its music, swimming and entertainment has endured down through the decades. In its early days, there was a dance pavilion with live bands, which attracted local singers to perform. Dean Martin, who was a towel boy, performed here with the local bands, and a quiet young man named Perry Como also sang here very early in his career.


Living Treasures Animal Park

Opened in 1998, Living Treasures Wild Animal Park offers visitors a chance to get up front and personal with the more than 50 different species of animals, including lions, tigers, and kangaroos that call this park home. It is a petting zoo with many exotic creatures, where visitors can feed them by hand as long as the food is purchased at the park. This animal park is a wonderful place to spend time with your children and make some enduring memories.


7 Springs Mountain Resort

7 Springs Mountain Resort is the site of Pennsylvania’s largest winter adventure place. During the course of a year, this family-friendly resort hosts more than one million overnight and day guests. It offers a stunning mountaintop golf course, a luxurious spa, skiing, snowboarding and many dining options. This resort can accommodate more than 5,000 overnight guests in its 414-room, 10-story high-rise hotel, nearly 1,200 condominiums and town-homes, eight cabins and 15 chalets.


La Vita’s Italian Restaurant

This family-style, 4.8-star Italian restaurant is located in the county seat of Greensburg. It offers fine traditional Italian cuisine served to perfection in surroundings that are casual and cozy. Popular dishes, such as Chicken Piccata, are served with love and care.

Westmoreland County offers much to see and enjoy for both locals and tourists. Come visit and stay a while, but if you live here and have a pest problem, remember the name, Pestco, a company who is there to serve residents with its diverse selection of professional exterminating and environmental services.



Some Historical Pest Trends Of Westmoreland

The family of William Penn purchased the territory that formed Westmoreland County from the Six Nations Iroquois Indian confederacy which included: Mohawk, Cayuga, Onondaga, Oneida, Seneca and Tuscarora Indian tribes. The county opened to settlers in April 1769 and was officially founded in 1773.

The name, Westmoreland, derives from an historic county in England. Also known as the Star of The West, 18th century immigrants, mostly German and Irish, in search of freedom from religious persecution, bestowed this moniker on the county because they considered it to be a guiding star as they traveled from eastern Pennsylvania towards their ultimate destination of the untamed western territories.

Early Settlers Battled With Indians and Pestilence

Pest control is at least as old as agriculture. For the early settlers, farming and hunting sustained them. Their lives were tumultuous, dealing with hostile native-American Indian tribes and the pestilence that threatened their harvests and food crops. Infusions of nicotine, herbs and arsenic comprised the only pest repellant available at the time, as powerful pesticides were still many decades away.

The Botanical Pesticides Of Pyrethrum And Derris

Slowly, with the advent of industrialization and the mechanization of agriculture, particularly in the late 18th and 19th centuries, two botanical pesticides, pyrethrum, which comes from a certain species of Chrysanthemum and derris, a plant native to Asia, became widespread among farmers.

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