Our Scent Diffusing Systems Are Perfect For Any Facility Environment

We currently provide our air-freshing systems to a myriad of industries, including but not limited to: restaurants, nursing homes, hotels, factories, office complexes, food processing, motels, bars, cocktail lounges, taverns, ski lodges, private clubs, country clubs, saunas, gyms, fitness areas, retail stores, supermarkets, shopping centers, strip malls and more.


The AromaOne™ Air Hygiene Dispenser

Only the AromaOne dispenser features so many thoughtful enhancements making it the ONLY choice for professional air hygiene for the jansan and route service industry. Consider these AromaOne advantages:

  • Modern design with optimal air flow.
  • Converts from battery to electric operation on the fly with included adapter.
  • Holds many Air-Scent® refill types including bottles, Maxi Professional liquid cans and Solid Squair™ wafers.
  • Three smart-switch settings: Continuous, 60-day and linear output for the best possible end user experience.
  • Air Velocity fan blade outperforms other designs.
  • Ingenious nesting refill tray features on board drip guard, ventilated refill holder and air flow retarder (to lessen output when circumstances require it.)
  • Key lock deters theft and vandalism.
  • Attractive stand for portable use with solid refills.
Pittsburgh Commercial Restroom Air Hygiene Freshener System
Large area commercial scent marketing machine

How Air Fresheners Improve Customer Experience & Hygienic Well-Being

Apart from the obvious benefit of eliminating a bad odor, air fresheners are fundamental to good health. Poorly ventilated air can be harmful, as it cannot eliminate gadget pollution that can occur from the ozone in photocopiers, computers and other office equipment. Inhaled in even small amounts, this can cause chest pain, shortness of breath, coughing and throat irritation. Fresh air increases energy levels and mental clarity, which in turn improves concentration. The immune system is strengthened by fresh air. White blood cells require oxygen and fresh air helps to provide that through lung action. Exhaling and inhaling helps to release airborne toxins from the body.


One Bundled Approach To Pest, Germ & Odor Control

Facility hygiene, whether it concerns an odor or a pest problem, is an ongoing concern and much more effectively addressed when technicians are called to a scene before a malodor gets out of hand and earns your company a bad and rather smelly reputation. The Complete Care Facility Program involves working with one trusted company’s commitment to provide the best in pest control and pest management, odor control and air freshening services as well as complete washroom hygiene maintenance for all of our customers.