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Greene County & Waynesburg Pennsylvania Pest, Rodent & Bug Control

Pest control and pest exterminators, such as our experts at Pestco, have their hands full dealing with the usual creepy-crawlies unleashing baneful calamities to the interiors and online reputations of businesses and commercial industries throughout Green County. These bothersome little critters include but are not limited to mice, rats, stinkbugs, bedbugs, termites, spiders, roaches, black flies, carpenter and black ants and a host of other vermin.

The Cicada's Destructive Effects On Green County

Environmentally speaking, and according to Bill Wentzel, a retired forester from Greene County, a major pest and threat to hardwood trees such as young oak, white ash, sycamore, hickory, maple and apple trees, is the cicada, which sucks on the nutrients of tree roots for 17 years before emerging, reproducing and then dying. These and other pests find their ways into the trees and forests of national parks and commercial landscaping that businesses often spend a portion of their annual budget to plant, design and maintain.


Complete Facility Care – A Trifecta of Pest, Odor & Hygiene Control

A roach or family of rodents sprinting across your facility’s floor are just one of many concerns you have as a business owner, particularly if you’re in a service-based industry. In addition to pests, odor and hygiene control rank right up there as far as maintaining a healthy, safe and clean image to customers, consumers, your employees and their collective experience within your business environment. Let’s face it; who wants to be subjected to a smelly or poorly maintained restroom or lobby?

So we created one complete professional monthly maintenance program that continually addresses all of these concerns for you so you can focus on what you do best — run your business. Our Complete Facility Care service offers a variety of integrated pest control and management services along side expert environmental odor and air freshening solutions and professional restroom deep cleaning services, all under the umbrella of one cost-effective, year round monitoring and maintenance program. Relieve yourself of your facility’s hygiene maintenance worries today. Call for a comprehensive inspection (800) 473-7820.

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The Pestco Shield Of Hygiene Excellence

As staunch Western Pennsylvanians loyal to the local industries that help employ the many families and loved ones within Green and its surrounding counties, we love to promote businesses that maintain stellar facility cleanliness and hygiene. The following businesses and attractions are just a few of our staff’s picks. If you’d like to be listed and engage our Complete Facility Care program, don’t hesitate! We’re always on hand » (412) 252-5200

Greene County Museum

Constructed in the 1860’s and located on Rolling Meadows Road in Franklin Township, the museum has 52 rooms featuring artifacts from this county’s rich history. It is maintained and operated by the Greene County Historical Society and every year approximately 6,000 people visit the museum, which was originally a home and workplace for homeless men. The museum also sponsors local festivals and various special events including Civil War and Whiskey Rebellion re-enactments.

Airport Restaurant

Opened in 2001 and located in Waynesburg, PA in the airport administration building, this restaurant doesn’t even have a sign indicating its presence! This family style eatery is always open for service and is considered by its faithful clientele to be a “truly hidden gem.”

The menu is large and varied and the food is delicious. Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner, the Airport Restaurant offers rewarding meals and excellent service.

South Side Deli

Located in the heart of Waynesburg, this 4.7 star–rated, little, old-fashioned deli is a sandwich shop that surprises most first time visitors. The exterior and interior of this restaurant are quite mundane and nothing to write home about. Their sandwiches, however, are a whole other story and represent the ultimate in comfort food. The menu offerings include a wide variety of hot and cold subs, hoagies and sandwiches with all kinds of tempting sauces. Don’t miss eating lunch at this deli when visiting the area and in between diets.

For business owners and managers of commercial and industrial spaces within Greene County, PA, Pestco’s Complete Facility Care Program offers the most cost effective and versatile agenda for coping with pests, rodents and odor hygiene control in commercial and industrial settings. Call us today for a sweet smelling and pest and rodent free tomorrow » (412) 252-2010.

Greene County Historical Pest Trends

Created in 1796, from part of Washington County and named for Revolutionary War General Nathaniel Greene, this county was formed in order to benefit small farmers.

To this day, forty percent of the land is in farms. A territory blessed with natural beauty and resources, the region included lush, fertile valleys, rolling hills and uplands, and water from the tributaries of the Monongahela River and Wheeling Creek. The elusive Indian mound people, of whom little is known, occupied the county for centuries before the white settlers came. They left behind their mysterious burial practices and an agricultural legacy native-Americans practiced for many centuries.

Ancient people were mystified by the presence of the insects such as the corn borer and the squash beetle, which decimated their crops of corn, squash and beans. They believed angry deities had cast the pestilence upon them. Insects like the corn borer and the squash beetle were extremely destructive, as their larvae fed on germinating crop seeds and often tunneled into the stems of new plants. Rodents, such as rats and mice, contaminated granaries, devoured newly sown plants and spread disease.

These early hunters and gatherers resorted to natural means to control insect populations, as commercial pesticides were still many centuries away. They tediously went into the fields and picked the insects off their crops. They placed them in wooden baskets, roasted and consumed them as a source of protein. They planted trap crops (usually radishes) with hopes the insects would feast on them and leave the others alone. Migratory birds helped to stabilize insect populations, eating all kinds of bugs for sustenance during their long flights.

Early Settlement and Industry

Early settlers from Scotland and Ireland trickled into the county after Indian hostilities subsided and The Whiskey Rebellion had past. The first permanent white settlement is believed to have been the Swan-Van Meter-Hughes party from Virginia, in 1767. In 1785, Albert Gallatin established a glass works factory on the banks of the Monongahela River. Agriculture and mining in the form of natural gas wells, bituminous coal mining and wool production, beginning with the breeding of Merino sheep in the 1820s, sustained the county’s economic development.

Greene County Has A Noble History

This region’s rich and colorful past is manifested in its historic villages, rural landscapes and seven covered wooden bridges, some of which are very old. The county has 42 sites identified by the National Register of Historic Places. It is home to the nation’s oldest continuing agricultural fair, which was first held in 1865. Other local events, such as the Covered Bridge Festival, attract many tourists to the region.

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