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If you operate a business in State College, Park Forest Village, Bellefonte, Boalsburg, Pleasant Gap, Philipsburg, Stormstown, Lemont, Toftrees, Zion or any other borough, city or town throughout Centre County, we’re equipped to handle any of your business establishment's pest control or hygiene maintenance needs »


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Yes, you read it correctly. We've been in operation for well over 70 years, making our services some of the most advanced and reliable in the industry. Even more, we are proud Pennsylvanians, and we love to support the businesses, communities and the employment of those from our local fellow counties. Read on below for more on our approach to complete facility hygiene, or click to see what our clients are saying about us.

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The Major Pests of Centre County

Common pests creating pestilent havoc for commercial establishments in Centre County include the more conventional insects found almost everywhere, including but not limited to ants (carpenter and black), black flies, spiders, termites, bedbugs, stinkbugs and both German and American Cockroaches. But the most fearful of all in terms of local industry concerns is the Spotted Lanternfly, which has permeated nearby counties, and is slowly encroaching upon and endangering the fruit trees and hard woods of many counties throughout the state. If your business or business facility is suffering from any infestation or you would like preventative care, speak with a Pestco expert - (412) 252-5200.

The Spotted Lanternfly

If your business depends on forestry, our on-staff entomologists have decades of experience in defending against any pest invasion. We’re at your beckoned call to protect your trees and above all your bottom line. If forestry is not your industry, we’re also equipped to help with pest nuisances for any commercial industry in the Centre County area.

State College & Centre County Pest Control & Exclusion Services

If your business depends on forestry, our on-staff entomologists have decades of experience in defending against any pest invasion. We’re at your beckoned call to protect your trees and above all your bottom line. If forestry is not your industry, we’re also equipped to help with pest nuisances for any commercial industry in the Centre County area.

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Complete Facility Care — Pest, Odor & Hygiene Control In One Conveniently Bundled Program

We've been in continuous operation since 1948 and are specialists in all forms of pest control and pest management services. Our highly trained technicians attend monthly sessions to learn about the latest methods necessary to keep them always one step ahead of the invading pests that can wreak havoc on any commercial or industrial space.

Our Complete Facility Care program is a bundled, cost-effective offering for business owners and managers. This collection offers the best of the best in terms of professional pest management and control services aligned with environmental odor control and air freshening expertise provided by Air-Scent as well as complete washroom maintenance.

This is a completely integrated pest and hygiene maintenance program to ensure your business is always pest free, odor free and germ free so that sweet smell of success will continue to waft through the entryways, bathrooms and halls of your commercial establishment.

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The Pestco Shield Of Hygiene Excellence

We’re not only the number one choice for business owner’s pest control and hygiene maintainance needs; we’re also family-owned, born and bred Western Pennsylvanians, and we love to highlight commercial businesses that have stellar hygiene. The following are just a few of our many favorites:

Black Moshannon State Park

This 3,481-acre state park is located in Rush Township, Centre County, Pennsylvania, and is comprised of unique natural environments of both forests and wetlands. More than 43,000 acres of forest surround the park, whose name derives from the Indian word, Moss-Hanne, meaning “moose stream.” The “black” refers to the waters, which are actually tea-colored. There are many diverse recreational options available all through the year, although beaches and other spots are season specific.


Bellefonte Art Museum

Located in the Henry S. Linn House on North Allegheny Street in Bellefonte, this historic structure was built in 1810 entirely of Trenton Limestone. The residence, which was home to many prominent families of the county, is listed both in the National American Buildings Survey and on the National Historic Registry. Opened in 2008, this museum’s mission is to both showcase and sell the works of local artists and feature important historical exhibits such as the one honoring the county’s contributions to the operations of the Underground Railroad.


Faccia Luna Pizzeria

This cozy trattoria is known far and wide for its wood-fired pizzas and toppings and casual Italian fare and fresh seafood entrees. It offers many beer options and wonderful desserts.



Originally discovered by the Seneca Indians many centuries ago, this natural landmark in the Valley of Karoondinha (Penn’s Valley) is at the heart of an old legend that concerns a maiden and her French trapper lover who were forbidden to marry. They ran away to be together and were captured. He was thrown into Penn’s Cave to die. In 1885, the cave opened as a commercial show tavern and that same year, the 30-room Penn’s Cave Hotel was built. Both structures are on the National Register of Historic Places. Today the Penn’s Cave House is used for private meetings and special events.


Penn State (Berkey) Creamery Ice Cream

A continuous Penn State tradition since 1865, the Creamery is a world leader in both dairy production and food science. The methods they developed to make the “perfect ice cream” have transformed the Creamery into a world authority on both ice cream and dairy manufacturing. Apart from their wonderful ice cream, the Penn State Creamery has a threefold mission to support the teaching, research and outreach programs of the Department of Food Science, provide superior quality dairy products to students in campus housing and to maintain a retail outlet for dairy products to the University.


Operating any business or industrial space has its problems and can be costly. Managers and owners must educate themselves as to the best, most cost-effective way to eradicate pests and bad odors that can damage their all-important bottom line. We’re experts at handling any pest or hygiene-related nuisance or emergency, so give us a call and speak with a Pestco expert today -  (412) 252-5200.



Some Historical Centre County Pest Trends

Created in February of 1800, from parts of Huntingdon, Lycoming, Mifflin, and Northumberland counties, its name stems from its geographic location in the center of the state. The name given to Bellefonte, the county seat, is the French word for beautiful spring. This refers to a large spring located there and it is said that famous French statesman, Charles Maurice Talleyrand, suggested the name while visiting the area.

Early Centre County Settlement and Pestilence

James Potter was the first white man to record information about the lands of Centre County. When he climbed the top of Nittany Mountain and viewed the spectacular forests and prairies below, he cried out to his companion: “By heavens, Thompson, I have discovered an empire!”

For thousands of years, since the end of the last Ice Age, the Shawnee and Delaware Indian tribes inhabited the region. They were hunters, gatherers and farmers who planted growing corn, beans, and squash. They battled with insect pests for hegemony over their precious food supply, praying for guidance from offended gods and relying on Mother Nature to stabilize insect populations.

Insects like the Corn Borer threatened maize and the Indians would desperately pick them off the crops one by one, a tedious, time-consuming and laborious task. Migratory birds traveling from field to field provided natural pest control to a certain degree, as they ate many diverse kinds of bugs. By the time James Potter and a few others had settled in the county in the 1760s-70s, the Indians had left both in response to colonial encroachment and the spread of diseases such as smallpox.

Early and Modern Industry

The discovery of iron ore in 1784 led to iron manufacture, and this industry flourished until 1921. The northern section of the county had many forests and lumber was used to make charcoal. Paper manufacturing was another thriving industry and a brass mill opened in 1915. Today, agriculture is important in Centre County and farms occupy 21 percent of the land. It ranks fifteenth in the state in terms of the value of livestock and seventh in alfalfa production.