Why Choose Pestco For Your Pest & Hygiene Control Needs?

In addition to our residential and commercial pest control services, we've been a leading provider of facility hygiene services since 1948, and have since become the nation’s only commercial service firm of its kind that actually manufactures the products it uses.

That’s right. Pest control solutions, air fresheners, odor control products, ambient scent systems, fragrances, washroom hygiene products and more are all made locally in our 80,000 sq. ft. North Pittsburgh facility.

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Meet A Few Of Our Administrative, Service And Sales Staff

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Arnold Zlotnik

Arnold Zlotnik


Bryan Zlotnik

Bryan Zlotnik

Chief Operating Officer

Robert Wiemer, A.C.E.

Robert Wiemer, A.C.E.

Executive General Manager

Nick Vasko, A.C.E.

Nick Vasko, A.C.E.

Pestco Operations Manager

Ralph Hoffman

Ralph Hoffman

Operations Manager, Enviro-Master

Lindsay Bujalski, A.C.E.

Lindsay Bujalski, A.C.E.

Office Administrator

“A sale is not something you pursue, it’s something that happens to you while you’re immersed in serving your customer.”

While it’s widely unknown who exactly said this,  it’s a mantra we live by.


Why Pestco Professional Services?

We Have Well Over 7 Decades Of Refined Experience

More than seventy years ago in 1948, a pest company called Pestco Professional Services began its long and persistent climb to prominence throughout Greater Pittsburgh, Western PA counties and the surrounding Tri-State areas.

Our unwavering mission over the course of the years has remained the same: to provide experienced, responsive and uncompromising pest control and facility hygiene management services to all of its loyal customers.

We are and always has been a family-run business equipped with the most cutting edge and cost-effective pest control strategies for commercial and industrial business spaces.

Our friendly and supportive staff helps all customers through the process of pest control and management, which can be harrowing at time and time consuming.

But our company reputation is as coveted as a precious heirloom, passed down like Georgian silver, from one generation to the next.

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We Offer The Friendliest And Most Complete Pest Control

The sight of rats, mice or other creepy crawlies, whatever they may be, can be upsetting for any home or type of business establishment.

Phobias about spiders and other bugs abound, and the potential of an allergic reaction to a stinging insect, rat or bat, is very real and could easily become the theme of its own horror movie.

In addition, the presence of pests in restaurants, lodging, retail and other environments can have permanent after-effects by driving away customers for good.

Even worse, the integrity of any product or establishment comes into permanent question whenever rodents or other pests raise their icky heads.

Commercial and residential pest emergencies are what we handle best and we always do it with a smile.

Our 5-star reviewed pest control and facility management services offer the most advanced and cost effective insect and rodent control solutions found anywhere today.

Our extremely knowledgeable technicians are well trained and capable of performing any pest-related emergency that might occur within the commercial or industrial work place.

All of our company technicians are licensed by the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture and attend monthly workshops to keep them always one step ahead of both insect and rodent behavior.

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We Offer The Most Advanced Commercial Pest Maintenance

Unfortunately, the problem with most insect pests is that they reproduce very rapidly.

Cockroaches, fleas, bed bugs, gnats, ants and fruit flies can easily multiply almost to the point of no return without specific and very aggressive pest control measures.

Action must be taken fast, as insects spread filth and disease in addition to ruining the hard earned reputations of many a commercial enterprise.

All Pestco insect control and management programs include skillful monitoring as part of the pest control solution, which also entails the careful application of approved insecticides.

Pestco’s rodent control program entails a cautious balance between baiting and trapping methods as well as environmental management and exclusion strategies.

Highly qualified technicians also make rodent-targeted sanitation and maintenance recommendations.

The emphasis on any insect or rodent control initiative is always geared towards prevention.

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The Ultimate In Complete Facility Hygiene Care Programs

Our Complete Facility Care initiative is a collaborative effort with the ambient air care and air freshener masters at Air-Scent to provide environmental odor management and air freshening services as well as with Enviromaster, the leading, national washroom deep cleaning programs.



This bundled collection of diverse, cost-effective professional services represent more than seventy years of dedicated, quality care and commitment to customers, providing the ultimate protection from pests, germs and malodors for any commercial establishment.

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We Care About The Environment

Our success is due at least in part to the innovative spirit of the company powers-that-be who are always seeking new and better pest control and pest management solutions and pushing that proverbial envelope beyond customer expectations.

The environment and our sustainable future have always been of primary concern to this company, long before it became politically correct to feel that way.

Only Pestco provides a holistic approach to pest management, which is exemplified in the Complete Facility Care program mentioned above.

We are also the only commercial service firm of its kind in the United States that actually manufactures the products we use.

All of the our pest control solutions, air fresheners, odor control products, ambient scent systems, fragrances, washroom and hygiene products are made locally in our 80,000 square foot North Pittsburgh facility.

In addition, our Green Shield Certified X-Termi Green initiative provides effective pest control without the unnecessary employment of pesticides. Our goal is to offer eco-sensitive strategies and solutions to permanently eliminate pest populations.

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We’re Family-Owned And Operated By Proud Pittsburgh-ers

Pestco is a tried and true Pittsburgh enterprise that has been owned and operated by the same family for more than seventy years.

Located on Alpha Drive RIDC Industrial Park, the city of Pittsburgh has always been at the center of our lives and operations, even though our services extend throughout Western Pennsylvania and other environs.

We are proud fans and sponsors of the Pittsburgh Penguins and have supported their progress ever since their induction into the National Hockey League in the 1967-68 season.

Pestco, in its own way, is even more symbolic of the city’s past than our well-loved hockey team, as we were in operation long before the team’s original logo was created.

It featured a penguin in front of a triangle, which symbolized downtown Pittsburgh’s iconic “Golden Triangle.”

The owners and managers of all commercial and industrial spaces in the Pittsburgh area should consider Pestco if confronted with an insect or rodent infestation of any kind.

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We Provide Service To An Extensive Array Of Businesses

In addition to our extensive residential pest control services, we currently provide Complete Facility Care and pest control to restaurants, bars, cocktail lounges, taverns, office complexes, high rise buildings, hotels, motels, condominiums, apartment complexes, community centers, private communities, nursing homes, healthcare facilities, convention centers, stadiums, amusement park venues, theaters, schools and universities, ski lodges, country clubs, fitness centers, gyms, supermarkets, retail stores, shopping centers, department stores, malls, strip malls, municipal buildings, water treatment plants, factories, steel mills, casinos, museums, food processing plants, bakeries, pharmacies and much more.

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