A Coordinated Suite of Disinfecting And Sanitizing Services

Enabling Happier, Healthier Employees & Customers

Through our strategic partnerships with Air-Scent and Enviro-master®, we offer a fully-integrated array of environmental management services, providing businesses throughout Greater Pittsburgh, Western PA and the Tri-State area with the most comprehensive package of high performance assistance to address pest, air care and total facility hygiene maintenance issues. Explore a detailed list of incorporated services below, or speak with an expert today - (800) 473-7820.


Pittsburgh Restroom Hygiene

Restroom Hygiene

We offer one of the most thorough sanitization services for commercial and public washrooms, complete with disinfecting applications, tile & grout power-cleaning and more. Ensure your restrooms portray the same positive image as the rest of your business.

Pittsburgh Commercial Pest Control

IPM Pest Control Services

Spanning seven decades of experience, we offer the most skilled, efficient and effective integrated pest management (IPM), pest control solutions and facility exclusion services in the region. Don't let a pest infestation damage your good name and bottom line.

Pittsburgh Odor Control

Odor Control Services

Air freshening systems, ambient scenting and molecular odor control are associated with good housekeeping and safe workplace practice. Our systems are world-renowned and provide totally-effective environmental air care. Call today for a free trial.


Be Preventative Not Reactive With Your Business Reputation

Increase the value of your business and its reputation by getting a jump on pest and hygiene problems before they arise, not after they damage your businesses’ professional image. Learn more about our Complete Facility Care program from the video below, or speak with a member of our team today.

Roaches, ants, rodents, germs and malodors — no mercy » (800) 473-7820.

What Services Are Included In Our Complete Facility Care Program?

Enjoy the ease of one company, one commitment and a vast array of complete, cost-effective, professional hygiene maintenance services.

  • Integrated pest control and pest
    management (IPM) services.
  • Insect, rodent and fly control strategies.
  • Environmental odor control and air
    freshening services.
  • Tailored fragrances to enhance
    any indoor environment.
  • Garbage dumpster and compactor odor
    control solutions.
  • Unique Scatter® odor granules and automatic and manual trash room odor control systems.
  • Bed Beg Treatments & Elimination.
  • Fruit Fly control.
  • Electronic, non-zapping fly control.
  • Drain line maintenance for odor and fly
  • Enzyme-action to maintain drains and
    grease traps.
  • EnviroMaster® total washroom hygiene services.
  • Ask about additional offerings.
Pittsburgh Commercial Restroom Air Hygiene Freshener System

How Do Air Fresheners Affect Human Health?

Apart from the obvious benefit of eliminating a bad odor, air fresheners are fundamental to good health. Poorly ventilated air can be harmful, as it cannot eliminate gadget pollution that can occur from the ozone in photocopiers, computers and other office equipment. Inhaled in even small amounts, this can cause chest pain, shortness of breath, coughing and throat irritation. Fresh air increases energy levels and mental clarity, which in turn improves concentration. The immune system is strengthened by fresh air. White blood cells require oxygen and fresh air helps to provide that through lung action. Exhaling and inhaling helps to release airborne toxins from the body.