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If your business establishment resides in Dubois, Clearfield, Treasure Lake, Curwensville, Sandy, Hyde, Osceola Mills, Falls Creek, Plymptonville, Chester Hill, Houtzdale or any other borough, city or town throughout Clearfield County, our service teams are poised to effectively address any pest or hygiene-related concern that might threaten your facility interior, exterior and good name.


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Yes, you read it correctly. We've been in operation for well over 70 years, making our services some of the most advanced and reliable in the industry. Even more, we are proud Pennsylvanians, and we love to support the businesses, communities and the employment of those from our local fellow counties. Read on below for more on our approach to complete facility hygiene, or click to see what our clients are saying about us.

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The Major Pests Of Clearfield County

In addition to spiders, flies, mosquitoes, ants, termites bedbugs, German and American cockroaches, businesses and commercial establishments throughout this Western Pennsylvania county have also been besieged with insects that attack their natural reserve of lumber and forest lands. These include the Emerald Ash Borer, Hemlock Woolly Adelgid, Asian Longhorned Beetle, Exotic Bark Beetles, Cherry Scallop Shell Moth and the Eastern Tent Caterpillar. Collectively, these wood boring insects have defoliated more than 520,000 acres of forest. Call us with any infestation issues (412) 252-5200.

The Forest and Eastern Tent Caterpillars

These two insect species are similar although not identical both in habit and appearance. Forest caterpillars are native insects that can be found throughout North America, wherever hardwoods grow. They do not actually build nests, but leave mats of silken threads on trees where they travel or rest. Since 1646, the eastern tent caterpillar, which feeds on apple, crab apple and cherry trees, has been observed in the United States. Outbreaks usually occur at eight and ten year intervals. They do build distinctive nests (loose cocoons) in the forks and crotches of a tree that are a tent-like in construction.

Pest management for both species is also similar as it involves destruction of the egg masses, which form on trees before they hatch. Both organic methods, such as insecticidal soap and spinosad, which is based on chemical compounds, and insecticides that include carbaryl (Sevin), which is man-made and malathion, an organophosphate (OP) insecticide, are used in the extermination of these two pests.

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How Our Complete Facility Hygiene Services Program Can Help Your Clearfield Business

We’re family owned, 5-star rated and have been around since 1948. While our company goal has always been to offer the best pest control and eco-friendly solutions available, our range of services have expanded over the decades, both to include commercial industrial spaces and to offer Complete Facility Care program. This convenient, bundled collection of year-round services includes: pest management and control strategies, complete washroom hygiene sanitization services as well as professional environmental odor control and air freshening services fulfilled by our experts at Air-Scent.

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The following are a just few of our staff’s picks, and represent businesses that strive to continuously maintain odor-free, pest-free and germ-free environments. Give us a shout if you’d like to engage our services and be listed » (412) 252-5200

Prince Gallitzen State Park

This state park is a paradise for anglers, bird watchers and boaters with its forested hills, which scallop sprawling and sparkling 1,635-acre Glendale Lake. Scenic panoramas featuring 26 miles of shoreline also attract campers and hikers to its large camping ground. The park is a resting place for many types of wildlife during spring and fall migrations and many environmental programs and guided walks are available all year round.


Moena's Restaurant And Wine Shop

Situated on East Market Street in the heart of Clearfield County, Trip Advisor awarded this Italian restaurant a Certificate of Excellence in 2016, Their pasta list is formidable and includes: pumpkin tortellini and vegetable medley ravioli. Tasty appetizers, such as: baked brie, stuffed mushrooms and calamari are available and there are so many entrees to choose from. Traditional Italian dishes include: Chicken Marsala, Chicken Parmigiana, Osso Buco, Filet Mignon, Cedar Plank Salmon and a host of mouth watering others. The restaurant also offers a wide a selection of unique wines that are available for sale.


Ethan’s Cafe

Ethan’s Café offers many diverse food and beverage options. Located on East Market Street in Clearfield, this eatery has a diverse menu that ranges from delicious burgers, soups, quesadillas, chicken fingers and fries to a variety of healthy salads (even their own buffalo chicken salad), platters such as shrimp and fries and fish tacos and cucumber, chicken and egg salad sandwiches, wraps and various melts. Next door to the cafe is the Angry Bean Coffee Shop offering coffee, tea and lattes. Its name derives from extrapolating how humans would feel if they were roasted, ground and then thrown into boiling water!


If you own a large business or are an entrepreneur starting out with a small commercial space in Clearfield County, PA, Pestco can help with any odor, pest or hygiene management control system you might need — (412) 252-5200.

A Few Historical Clearfield County Pest-Related Facts

Its name most likely derives from Clearfield Creek and the many cleared fields of the valleys surrounding it that were formed by the bison herds and the old cornfields tilled by native Americans tribes. As was the case with many neighboring counties, the native population was pushed further west and the treaties signed at Fort Stanwix in 1784 and Fort McIntosh in 1785 expanded the rush for land. Land speculators divided the tracts into small sections and sold them for easy payments of $5 down which contributed to the great migration.

Difficulties With Settlement

Captain Edward Rickert headed the very first white settlement in 1784, which was arduous because steep mountainous terrain made travel perilous. Settlers, invading armies, and later, escaped slaves traveling north along the Underground Railroad from the stations at Grampian Hills and Burnside Township, traversed old Indian paths and trail crossings. The county was officially formed in 1804 from sections of Huntington and Lycoming counties.

Dealing With Early Pests

Pests, such as the Corn Root Aphid and the Corn Rootworm, for which the Native American farmers had only a few natural solutions, often ravaged the early Native American cornfields. The introduction of a natural predator to kill off the invader pest, which is known as biological pest control, only worked sometimes and often backfired. Birds were a great help because they fed on all crop pests and were able to move freely from one cornfield to another. Still, most often, the insects won the battle for sustenance.

The Lumber Industry Dominates The Economy

The production of logs and cut lumber dominated the economy until 1910 and attracted large numbers of European immigrants, many of whose descendants have remained in the county to this day. Low sulfur bituminous coal was mined all over the county until1918. The county remains the state’s fourth largest bituminous producer, and nearly all the coal comes from strip mines. Today, only 8 ½ percent of the county is farmed.