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If you own or operate a restaurant, bar, cocktail lounge, tavern, ski lodge, nursing home, hotel, motel, factory, office complex, factory, school, university, municipal building, courthouse or any other private or public business facility or establishment throughout Emporium, Prospect Park, Driftwood or any other location throughout Cameron County, contact us today for any pest or facility hygiene related concern.


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Yes, you read it correctly. We've been in operation for well over 70 years, making our services some of the most advanced and reliable in the industry. Even more, we are proud Pennsylvanians, and we love to support the businesses, communities and the employment of those from our local fellow counties. Read on below for more on our approach to complete facility hygiene, or click to see what our clients are saying about us.

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“This company is everywhere. I heard they handle all the major businesses around Pittsburgh. Used them for wasp problem at our church. Very responsive and careful. They do only commercial, though. No homes.”

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The Major Insects & Pests of Cameron County

Ants (both black and carpenter), German and American roaches, termites, bedbugs, stinkbugs, spiders are some of Cameron County’s insect populations and our pest exterminating experts are equipped to eradicate any one of them from the interior or exterior of commercial establishments.

Emerald Ash Borer

In 2013, the Bureau of Forestry spotted the presence another pest, which presents a major threat to local forests in Cameron County on State Forest Land. Originating in Asia, the Emerald Ash Borer is an exotic green beetle that was introduced in America back in 2002. They pose a particular threat to ash trees and are a highly invasive insect species that has found its way to many Pennsylvania counties.

Cameron County's Leading Pest & Hygiene Maintenance Company

If you operate a business within Cameron County, our on-staff entomologists and pest experts work in tandem to provide the best, most effective pest management solutions. We can handle any emergency, so call us today » (412) 252-5200 or toll free at (800) 473-7820.


Pestco’s Professional Services Complete Facility Care Program

At Pestco, we recognize pests are just one of the many invasions that can create a bad, unsanitary experience within your commercial establishment; germs and odors can also lend to increased spread of the flu and other viruses, damaged bottom line and reputation, often lowering company productivity and more.

Germs, malodors and pests go hand in hand when it comes to presenting a healthy experience for customers and employees, so we’ve simplified the management of all three through our Complete Facility Care program, which offers a collection of professional services bundled into one cost-effective maintenance system. These include pest control and management, environmental odor control and air freshening solutions provided by the international air care specialists at Air-Scent®.

Complete Facility Care will ensure your establishment’s entryways, hallways, bathrooms and more are always tip top, odor free and hygienically clean.

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The Pestco Shield Of Hygiene Excellence

The founders at Pestco and many of our employees are all born right here in Western PA, and we love to spotlight businesses that present exemplary pest and hygiene maintenance. The following are a just a few of our favorites. If you’d like to be listed, don’t hesitate to reach out and engage our services » (412) 252-5200

Little Museum of The Cameron County Historical Society

Located in a Depression-era schoolhouse just outside the county seat, this museum houses many artifacts from the early days of Sylvania as well as photos and information about a nearby mysterious ram’s head carving that was discovered in the 1880s. Despite examination by many experts, to this day no one knows who created this petroglyph, whether it is a ram, a goat or an owl, or what it represents. The museum also features memorabilia from two famous locals, namely; silent movie star Tom Mix, and World War II General Joseph McNarney.


The Willows Restaurant

Conveniently located on Route 120 at the intersection with 879, this family-style eatery is known for its friendly atmosphere. This restaurant features delicious home-cooked meals and drinks served at a uniquely curved bar.


Wildlife Center

Elk, deer, black bear, wild turkey, and other wildlife live in the verdant forests of Cameron County. Visitors to the Wildlife Center at Sinnemahoning State Park are treated to a host of activities and unusual events, including a Bigfoot hunt each July hosted by the Chamber of Commerce as part of the Weekend in the Wilds celebration.


If you own or manage a commercial or industrial property of any kind in Cameron County, PA, consider Pestco as the place to go for the best, most cost-effective pest management, and environmental odor control and air freshening solutions. Both services are vital to the success of any business or commercial space. Send us your facility details today »

A Few Cameron County Historical Pest Trends

Created in March of 1860 from sections of Clinton, McKean, and Potter Counties, this once Indian land was ceded by the chiefs of The Six Nation Confederation for white settlement at the Treaty of Fort Stanwix in 1784. It was named for U.S. Senator, Simon Cameron, who was known as the "Czar of Pennsylvania" because he was one the most powerful political bosses in state history. The county seat is Emporium, which is a Latin word meaning market or trade center.

Although the names of the tribes that occupied the region before the Six Nations are lost to history, evidence of their presence is everywhere. Archaeological findings include: wigwam chimneys, Indian cemeteries, stone axes and arrowheads made from brown quartz, which is not indigenous to this region, suggesting mysterious origins of these early people. These early inhabitants were hunters and gatherers, who relied on wild game, grasses and cereals for their sustenance.

Insects, particularly weevils that fed on grain, constantly besieged and threatened crops. For the ancients, they were a plague visited on them by angry gods, but they fought back as best they could. In some cases, they roasted insects and consumed them as a source of protein. They planted other crops in the hopes that the insects would devour them and leave the others alone. Obviously, this was a tenuous practice. Migratory birds traveling from field to field ate many types of insects and helped to stabilize their populations.

Early Industry

This county’s soil is adapted to produce all the grasses and cereals, but farming never developed on large scale because of flooding. Leather, iron, lumber and wood products were the principal manufacturing industries here until 1924 when the Sylvania Corporation, manufacturers of radio tubes and electrical products, was established in Emporium.

The Bucktails and The Civil War

This regiment of sharpshooters, which was also known as also known as the 42nd Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry, was comprised of volunteers who served in the Union Army during the American Civil War. They were so named for "for their tradition of sticking buck-tails on their hats, and this regiment was created not long after the firing upon Fort Sumter in April of 1861. During this turbulent time, farmers relied largely on classical biological control to deal with pestilence. This involved introducing natural insect predators to control insect populations. After the Civil War, a new pesticide known as Paris Green was introduced. This arsenic paint pigment was effective in eliminating invading crop pests.