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For those that own or operate a business facility, building or complex in Somerset, Windber, Meyersdale, Berlin, Friedens, Boswell, Davidsville, Central City, Paint, Jerome or any other city, town, township or borough throughout Somerset County, our teams at Pestco have been leading they way towards impeccable facility hygiene and pest-free commercial environments for well over 70 years.


Pests, Germs & Malodors Can’t Hide From Our Hygiene Solutions

Since the very first moment our doors cracked open, we’ve been dedicated to providing businesses with the most complete facility care programs in the pest, germ and odor control industry for restaurants, cocktail lounges, taverns, ski lodges, private clubs, country clubs, saunas, gyms, fitness centers, supermarkets, retail stores, shopping centers, strip malls, condominiums, apartment complexes, lodging, healthcare facilities and much more. Explore our services below, or chat with our team today.

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Very professional and helpful technicians, super nice customer service. They can solve any pest control problem and they have really nice fragrance options as well!

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Somerset County & It's Major Pest Control Problems

Somerset County businesses have had more than their share of creepy crawlies and flying insects, which include: spiders, bed bugs, termites, German and American cockroaches, mosquitoes, black flies, ticks and gypsy moth caterpillars, which eat the leaves and severely threaten the health and growth of hardwood forests.

Gypsy Moth Caterpillars

In particular, the gypsy moth caterpillar was introduced in Pennsylvania and other states accidentally from overseas by someone who was seeking to breed the species with a native silkworm for use in the silk industry. The experiment failed and some of the gypsy moths escaped and established themselves in nature, first in Massachusetts and then in at least seven eastern states. This pest that is so lethal to trees continues a cyclic population about every five to ten years. Its larvae consume the leaves of more than 500 species of trees, shrubs and plants.

Is Your Business In Need Of Commercial Pest Control Services?

Regardless of your industry or the creepy crawlers that may be threatening your good name, we have the most seasoned, pest control solutions to ensure your bottom line never suffers from any infestation. Call us today for any pest emergency or for ongoing pest maintenance (412) 252-5200.


Complete Facility Care: Washroom Hygiene, Pest & Odor Control

Family owned and in continuous operation since 1948, our commitment to cost- effective pest control and management strategies is well known throughout the industry, and our newest initiative is a bundled program, which offers a combination of pest control and management strategies coupled with environmental odor and top-of-the-line air freshening systems as well as professional, deep-cleaning washroom hygiene services. An entire suite of effective facility hygiene cleaning services.

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The Pestco Shield Of Hygiene Excellence

We not only love to help local Western PA businesses improve the cleanliness and hygiene of their facilities, we also love to highlight those that continually meet the proverbial gold bar standard of “clean customer satisfaction”. Below are just a few of our favorite throughout the beautiful lands and cities of Somerset County. Don’t hesitate if you’d like to engage our services and be listed along side these stellar establishments »

Flight 93 Memorial

Located in Stonycreek Township, the Flight 93 Memorial sits at the site of the crash that killed forty passengers and crew in the September 11 terrorist attacks. Their brave collective efforts averted a strike on the White House and saved countless lives. The memorial honors their courage, and the white marble Wall of Names in the concrete and glass visitor center is a grim reminder of one of the most terrible events in American history.


Hidden Valley Resort

Built along the natural fall lines of its mountaintop home, the Hidden Valley Resort and Golf Club is spectacular to behold. Thirty miles of dramatic landscape and a magnificent 18-hole championship course with fairways lined with majestic trees transform into a golfer’s paradise. Twenty-six slopes and trails, two terrain parks on 110 acres and a first-class snow-sports school are ideal venues for those who love to ski. To escape the stress and pressures of every day life, the Trillium Spa offers an enticing agenda of manicures, pedicures and relaxing massages.


The Somerset Historical Center

This museum is a 150-acre tribute to the rural history of Somerset County. The Center seasonally offers outdoor exhibits that include: a recreated settler’s cabin, a maple sugar camp, and an exhibit hall featuring 19th-century agricultural equipment. Guided tours are available April 1 through November 1.


The Summit Diner

Those who live in the area claim: “There is nothing finer than the Summit Diner.” This vintage eatery seeps of another time and place that permeates every table and every savory dish. Comfort food favorites are the standard food fare, specializing in burgers and fries.


For all managers and owners of businesses and commercial spaces located within the confines of Somerset County, our professionals at Pestco are here to solve any of your pest control or management problems. In addition, they can offer reasonably priced top-of-the-line environmental odor control and air freshening services provided by the experts at Air Scent.



A Few Historical Somerset County Pest Facts

Named for Somersetshire, England, this county was created in April of 1795 from part of Bedford County. The native Americans from the Iroquois Confederacy and the Delaware, Shawnee and Susquehannock Indians ceded the territory, which was unoccupied and served as a hunting ground, in The “New Purchase” of The Fort Stanwix Treaty of 1768. This legally opened the area for early white settlement.

Early Pestilence Problems

These early hunters and gatherers lived off the land and in ancient times, utilized natural methods to combat the insects that invaded their crops and granaries. Some tribes were known to burn corncobs, which created a natural screen around crop lines, but its effectiveness lasted only for a few hours. Other ancient pest control methods involved the introduction of additional crops and natural predators, both of which sometimes worked and often backfired.

Some tribes used insect repellant plants, such as the willow, for making baskets, and they collected various insects from these plants, which included caterpillars, army-worms, grasshoppers, crickets ants and flies. These bugs were then roasted and consumed as sources of protein. Migratory birds also ate many kinds of insects and helped to stabilize invading insect populations.

Early Economy and The Whiskey Rebellion

In the late 18th century, the economy of Somerset County was almost exclusively based on rye grain and whiskey. In 1794, the federal government under George Washington instituted a tax on distilleries. The counties of Western Pennsylvania, including Somerset, were enraged and actively demonstrated against both the excise tax and the government. Rioting ensued, there were injuries and some tax collectors were tarred and feathered.

Other Industries and Pest Control

In 1828, an Agricultural Society was formed to promote effective farming methods. By this time, several industries had evolved including: a cloth known as linsey-woolsey, maple sugar and the cultivation of buckwheat. Livestock (cattle and sheep) flourished as did lumber and coal after the opening of the railroad in the 1870s. By the dawn of the 19th century, pest control was restricted to botanical preparations, including elemental sulfur, oil soaps and kerosene emulsions.


While yesterday is history, tomorrow doesn't have to be a mystery, particularly when it comes to your businesses' pest-free, odor-free and germ free facility. Send us your particulars, or give us a shout at (412) 252-5200.