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We provide superior, effective bed bug control systems and removal and elimination services for homes and businesses throughout Greater Pittsburgh, as well as for businesses such as hotels, motels, hospitals, nursing homes, healthcare facilities, universities, movie theaters, apartment complexes, industrial buildings, office complexes and others throughout all of Western PA.


Bedbugs Spread Fast, But Not As Fast As Negative Reviews

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At a little more than one eighth of an inch, bedbugs are small and can easily spread by hitching a ride on any person or thing right into your establishment. We recently wrote about the horrors these flat little devils can cause, but briefly, with one infestation they can not only take a bite out of your customers, they can do the same to your good business name, online reviews and that all important bottom line.

The good news is there are effective strategies to control and prevent bedbugs infestations through planning, training, and the use of non-chemical and chemical methods. In fact, we are leading the way with a newly-developed biopesticide that is proving to be the most effective extermination technique for bedbugs in the marketplace — Aprehend.

Aprehend & Our State-of-the-Art Bed Bug Detection & Treatments

Only materials approved by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) are used by our highly trained technicians to eliminate bedbugs, and with well over seven decades of experience in commercial pest removal and maintenance under our belt, our detection and treatment methods have been setting us apart from the typical “spray and pray” approach of conventional exterminators for years.

Our full arsenal of extermination techniques include an experienced team of bedbug sniffing dogs, pinpoint applications, Cryonite freezing techniques, non-toxic heat treatments and now Aprehend, a newly invented, non-toxic biopesticide made of fungal spores that safely kills bedbugs and keeps working for three months. Aprehend is also safe for humans and animals. Watch this video for more information on Aprehend.

Explore our other bed bug treatments below, or call now to speak an expert about Aprehend.

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We Only Use Certified Bedbug Sniffing Dogs

Hotels, motels, hospitals, long term health care facilities, apartment buildings and dormitories all throughout Pittsburgh, Western PA, Ohio and the West Virginia panhandle can now benefit from an extremely accurate inspection that only a bed-bug detection dog can offer! Traditional bedbug detection methods can be very time consuming and labor intensive.

Our certified bedbug dogs generate quick and accurate results, searching the average hotel room in less than two minutes. Explore our preventative bed bug guide for any hotel or lodging-based business, or click to speak with one of our experts today!

Pittsburgh Bed Bug Beagle Detection Services

Pittsburgh Pin Point Bed Bug Elimination Services

Precise Bed Bug Pinpoint Application Methods

They can run, but they can't hide. Our certified bed bug technicians are trained to infiltrate the most difficult of hiding places. Pinpoint application methods ensure that all bed bug elimination products are utilized in a way to minimize contact with humans and animals. The residual action of these products keep them effective long after the treatment for extended worry-free protection.


Eliminate Bedbugs With Our Highly Effective Heat Treatments

Unlike traditional methods, the latest research shows that professional heat treatments can completely eliminate bed bugs in just ONE SERVICE using NO TOXIC CHEMICALS. We provide highly-trained professional technicians; computerized monitoring of heat sensors to ensure optimum killing temperature; near immediate re-entry into treated space; and unmarked vehicles are available upon request for utmost discretion.

Pestco Pittsburgh Commercial Bedbug Removal Services

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