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If you own, operate or run a business, complex or commercial facility anywhere throughout Clarion, Pennsylvania, including but not limited to Marianne, Knox, New Bethlehem, Rimersburg, East Brady, Sligo, Emlenton, Strattanville, Hawthorn or any other city, town, township or borough throughout the beautiful lands of Clarion, we provide the most effective, complete and reliable facility hygiene services and have been since 1948.


Our Pest & Hygiene Services Are Backed By 70+ Years Of Excellence

We founded our company in 1948 on the belief that a satisfied customer is the best business strategy of all, and we've stuck to that mantra ever since. It's taken decades of consistent delivery of reliable pest management, odor control and restroom hygiene services to be celebrated as a 5-star facility hygiene services company, and it's a position we work to maintain every day.

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The Pests Causing Havoc To Crawford County Businesses

In addition to the standard fare of insect and rodent pests such as ants (black and carpenter varieties), bed bugs, black flies, red spiders, German and American cockroaches, wood lice, termites, woodworms and weevils, the area is slowly but surely showing signs of infestation by invasive pest species such as the Brown Marmorated Stink Bug. Send us a quick message with your details, or speak with our sales team today (412) 252-5200.

The Brown Marmorated Stink Bug

In addition to just being one of the more annoying bugs for business owners and even homeowners, this stinkbug threatens field corn ears and soybean pods and the non-indigenous Emerald Ash Borer, which was first discovered in Pennsylvania back in 2007 and sustains itself on the destruction of ash trees.

The Only Reliable Way To Get Your Crawford Business Free From Pests

Regardless of your business, our highly trained technicians attend monthly training sessions and are always a few steps ahead of invading pests and equipped to handle any pest emergency or ongoing pest maintenance problem. Speak with our team of pest experts today and get pest free »


Pestco’s Complete Facility Hygiene Care Services

Commercial Pest, Odor & Hygiene Control Bundled In One Program

Malodors, germs and pests are one in the same when it comes creating a less than satisfactory experience within your commercial establishment for you, your customers or your employees. So we’ve created Complete Facility Care, a full-scale, cost-effective bundled program of diverse services for commercial and industrial spaces, providing professional pest control as well as environmental odor control and air freshening solutions provided by internationally renowned Air-Scent®. An all-in-one, one stop pest and hygiene program has never been so convenient, effective or complete »

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The Pestco Shield Of Hygiene Excellence

We’re both family-owned and proud Western Pennsylvanians, and we love to highlight businesses that maintain exemplary pest and hygiene maintenance. The following are a just a few of our staff's favorites. If you’d like to be featured, don’t hesitate to reach out and engage our pest control or complete facility care services — (412) 252-5200.

Conneaut Lake Park  

In operation since 1892, this amusement park, which is located along the shores of the state’s largest natural glacier lake, features nearly two dozen rides that are certain to enthrall both children and the child inside all adults. Built in 1938, the sixth oldest roller coaster in the county, known as The Blue Streak, can be found here as well as a boardwalk and a beach along the lake.


 Penn Dot Road Sign Sculpture Garden

This roadside oddity is located on the property of the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation Building (PENDOT) along the Smock Highway in the county seat of Meadville. This is a sculpture garden like no other, featuring one quarter of a mile of amazing sculptures comprised of old metal reflective road signs. Also known as “Read Between the Signs,” this unique highway art display was the collaborative effort of art students from nearby Allegheny College and PENDOT employees, who created among other fascinating displays, ocean waves made of blue hospital signs and a barn constructed from red stop signs.


Hanks Frozen Custard 

Located on Conneaut Lake, this 5-star establishment has been in continuous operation and managed by the same family since 1952. Their custard is still made from the original Electro-Freeze machines that have been used since opening day. The finished product is delicious and represents a tasty amalgam between quality ingredients and old-fashioned frozen custard-making techniques. They make fresh vanilla and chocolate custard every day as well as a “Flavor of the Day” for both custard and sherbert. Pre-packed pints for take home customers are also available. Hank’s Frozen Custard is open seasonally and visitors should check their website for details.


Pymatuning State Park

Located along the Ohio border, this state park surrounds man-made Pymatuning Lake. It offers lovers of the outdoors a unique paradise far beyond the conventional pleasures of fishing and boating. Throughout its scenic 17,000 acres, there are seven miles of hiking trails, swimming pools, public beaches and one disc golf course (using discs instead of clubs). This park offers a touch of the creepy side with its abandoned buildings and one beach open for public viewing.


No matter what type of commercial enterprise you might have, Pestco can help you maintain your property with their extensive array of professional pest management and odor control services. Call us today (412) 252-5200.

Some Historical Crawford County Pest Trends

Located just south of Erie in northwestern Pennsylvania, the first white settlement occurred in 1788. These early immigrants were Irish and Scotch-Irish and they purchased land from the Holland, North American, and Population companies. This territory officially became a county in the year, 1800, and was named after William Crawford, a frontier hero.

Early Industry

From the onset, corn and rye were staple crops and early settlers had their hands full warding off the invading insect pests that threatened their very survival. These included: the corn borer, maize beetle and armyworm. They had few solutions other than natural methods to control these insect marauders.

Early Pest Control Methods

Settlers sometimes planted additional crops in the hopes the insects would leave others alone, but this often failed to deter hungry pests. They also used a combination of insect-repellant plants, like the willow, for making baskets, and by consuming the various insects collected from these plants. They also went en masse to the fields and manually picked the pests off the crops, which was tedious and time-consuming. Birds helped in the process of natural stabilization because their migrations brought them to many fields where they found and ate a myriad of bugs. Still, insects remained a constant threat to the crops of early settlers.

During the 19th century, lumber and wood products flourished, as so did the oil industry around Titusville after the discovery of oil in a nearby county. At this time, botanical preparations, elemental sulfur, oil soaps and kerosene emulsions were used to combat insects. A tool and dye industry arose and flourished, as did the Talon Zipper Company, which was established about 1900. Today thirty-seven percent of the land is farmed.

Important Events and People in Crawford County

Crawford County had two stops on the Underground Railroad; one in Meadville and the other in Randolph. It was an area of much abolitionist activity and muckraker author, Ida Tarbell, radical abolitionist John Brown, and Supreme Court Justice Henry Baldwin all lived in Crawford County.

We look back and study the past to look forward and ensure all of our services are underpinned with decades of knowledge and refined precision. Make your business pest, germ and odor free today »