Pest Control For Pittsburgh HOA Management Companies

Discover why HOA management companies all throughout Greater Pittsburgh and Western Pennsylvania use our seasoned pest control and facility hygiene services!

Home Owners Association Management companies are often confused with home owner associations, albeit they are two very different things.

A HOA board can be self-managed by either elected or volunteer homeowners, but communities can also elect to hire an HOA management company, which will ease the burden of insuring that regulations are adhered to and daily operations run smoothly.

An HOA management company can provide services specific to the particular needs of a community, such as the question of whether or not the manager of an HOA is to be given a minimal role or take over nearly every duty.

Pittsburgh HOA Pest Control

The responsibilities of maintaining a home owner association are extensive and include: scheduling meetings; managing reserve funds; assisting with budget preparation; handling everyday operations; communicating with the HOA board; enforcing policies, rules and bylaws and performing ongoing maintenance including pest-control services, which is often needed in the common areas of Pittsburgh and Western Pennsylvanian condos, apartment buildings and townhome complexes.

Management becomes much simpler when an HOA management company is enlisted because they offer diverse services that make life much easier for members of the HOA and help to maintain the neighborhood.

Even more, life for those that run HOA management companies becomes simpler yet when they engage a Quality-Pro Certified pest control company to provide ongoing pest management services, namely Pestco Professional Services if you’re businesses in anywhere throughout the Greater Pittsburgh or Western Pennsylvania areas!

Pestco Pest Control Pittsburgh

HOA Property Management And Pest Infestations

Many associations are faced with infestations, and it is up to the board to handle them properly and efficiently.

Some pests pose serious heath risks to residents and can cause severe damage to property as well. 

Cockroaches, fleas, ants, bed bugs, moths, spiders, mice, and rats are common pests that are drawn inside by food, water, warmth, and clutter.


Who foots the bill for the cost is a common dilemma and a sometimes thorny issue. If the infestation originates from one property, should the owner of that property pay? Or, does that responsibility fall on the association?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question because laws vary from state to state.

Typically, most HOAs are only responsible for common areas, such as: lobbies, pools, fitness centers, and clubhouses. 

The declarations of some associations state that whoever caused the pest infestation must cover the cost of the pest-control and pest-management services.

The problem is that the cause of pest infestations is not always clear, and often there is no direct link. 

When it comes to pest control in both condos and co ops, invading pests may only be one wall way from an infestation, which can be challenging for the highly trained technicians at Pestco because pests spread via rooftops, pathways, ventilation systems and ceiling tiles. 

To add to the problem, some residents may refuse entry to their units to address pest issues, and in others they may allow entry, but refuse the chemicals used to deal with the infestation due to allergies or other related conditions. 

The HOA must adhere to the specific request, and in the case of Pestco, this rarely if ever occurs because we at Pestco offer a wide range of pest control solutions, including our Green Shield Certified X-Termigreen program, which provide safe, eco-sensitive solutions without the use of pesticides.

Pittsburgh Restroom Hygiene And Air Freshener Services

In addition to providing the friendliest, Quality-Pro Certified pest control services, we also offer odor control, air freshening and restroom hygiene services.

Clean, fresh-smelling air is completely taken for granted, even though no one can live for long without it.

Apart from the obvious benefit of eliminating a bad odor, air fresheners are fundamental to good health.

Fresh air increases energy levels and mental clarity, which in turn improves concentration.

The immune system is strengthened by fresh air. White blood cells require oxygen and fresh air helps to provide that through lung action.

Exhaling and inhaling helps to release air-borne toxins from the body.

For both residents and managers of co-ops, condos and Home Owner Association management associations, fresh-smelling air translates into a consistent comfort zone for residents. 

Our Complete Facility Care Program 

This three-pronged, cost-effective initiative offers the ultimate in pest control, washroom hygiene services provided by Enviro-Master and environmental odor and air freshening solutions supplied by Air-Scent International. 

This blanket of services is available to all types business enterprises including HOA management companies, and is situated in suburban Pittsburgh, PA.




We are a highly respected family-owned and 5-star-reviewed company that has been in continuous operation since 1948. 

Facility hygiene, whether it concerns an odor or a pest problem, is an ongoing concern, and much more effectively addressed when technicians are called to a scene before a malodor gets out of hand and earns an HOA management company a reputation of being both smelly and neglectful. 

Signing up for our Complete Care Facility Program marks the commitment to provide the best odor control and air freshening services available for all HOA residents.

We also provide continuous air freshening and odor protection for restrooms.

Our dispensers and refills maintain an environment of any size or type smelling “fresh as a daisy” all day long.

Our secret ingredient is a powerful odor neutralizer known as Metazene, an odorless neutralizing additive that attacks malodors on a molecular level, permanently eradicating them.

Our air-freshening systems are very versatile, and are used in myriad of settings including HOA units and common areas.

For HOA management companies, being stewards of property translates into a serious and consistent approach to building maintenance, environmental odor and air freshening solutions and pest-control and pest-management.

Pestco Professional Services Truck

Knowing the job will be done efficiently and at the best prices available will relieve the sale of sedatives and the many hours of sleepless nights that come with the territory of managing commercial properties.

In Conclusion

If you are a busy HOA management company anywhere throughout the Great Pittsburgh or Western Pennsylvania area, call our teams today, and let us alleviate your load of responsibilities!

Final thoughts about home management companies: I can do anything. I am a home management company~  Quotes gram



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