Why Pittsburgh Businesses Love Our Air Freshener Services

Most Pittsburgh or Western Pennsylvania business owners know that clean, fresh, odor-free air is an integral part of any commercial environment’s success, and that pleasing ambient scents can actually increase bottom line, brand impressions, repeat business and a whole host of other benefits.

They also know the opposite is just as true; specifically, foul odors wafting about restrooms or common areas can quickly turn customers and employees off and lead to diminished repeat business and company morale.

Having invented the first fan-air freshener and the original air freshener scent blocks, our sister company, Air-Scent International, and “her” products have grown to become as prevalent throughout Pittsburgh as they are throughout the world, mainly thanks to our Complete Facility Care program, which incorporates ongoing pest management, restroom hygiene and Air-Scent’s air freshener and odor control products locally.

Air-Scent International Headquarters

Not many pest control companies can boast the fact they offer the most accredited pest control services and the most advanced air hygiene control services in one sentence. But we can and do!

Whether it’s Air-Scent’s Metazene-fueled odor-neutralizing products, their extensive roster of on-field tested alluring ambient scents or their diverse array of small and large area air freshener diffusers, Pittsburgh business-owners having been trusting Pestco Professional Services and Air-Scent International for decades.

In the following piece, Air-Scent’s master perfumers, chemists, sales reps got together with our Pestco local service reps to explain why!

Air-Scent International And Pestco Professional Services

Established during the aftermath of World War II, Pestco Professional Services has long been a respected name associated mostly with pest-management and pest control throughout Pittsburgh, all counties in Western Pennsylvania, Eastern Ohio and the West Virginian panhandle.

Pestco Pittsburgh Pest Control Coverage Area Map

Located on Alpha Drive RIDC Industrial Park, the city of Pittsburgh has been at the center of our operations since 1948.

The many diverse industries we serve include but are not limited to: restaurants; nursing homes; hospitals; hotels; factories; office complexes; motels; bars, ski lodges; country clubs; gyms; retail stores; supermarkets; shopping centers; strip malls and many more.

Fitness And Gym Hygiene Control Services

Is your gym’s hygiene negatively affecting your member’s health?

Founded about the same time, Air-Scent International has become a five-star, family-owned and operated company that has been in continuous operation for more than seventy years, and its ancillary focus lies in odor control and air-freshening solutions, which over time have garnered the same stellar reputation as our other excellent services.

Its stellar company reputation is reinforced every day, and is as as coveted as a precious family heirloom, passed down lovingly from one generation to the next.

Commercial and industrial enterprises are well aware of the collaborative effort between Pestco and the ambient air care specialists at Air-Scent International known as the Complete Facility Care Program, which incorporates pest control and pest-management solutions with environmental odor management air freshening strategies and restroom hygiene services.

This bundled collection of diverse, cost-effective professional services represent our absolute dedication and commitment to our customers!

Ambient Scenting Benefits Many Diverse Pittsburgh Industries

A brand’s identity and stability within the modern market place is vital to the bottom line of any commercial enterprise.

Our air-freshening and odor control services eradicate unpleasant odors and also include the development of a customized ambient fragrance to match the desired consumer experience. Attracting new customers with a signature scent is not guerrilla marketing or some flash-in-the pan, gimmicky slogan or mantra.

Ambient scenting is a progressive, innovative and highly sophisticated tool for creating a permanent bond between a brand and the minds of its consumers. Creating emotional connections via a customized ambient scent is perfect for large areas, lobbies and HVAC systems.

Pittsburgh Professional Ambient Scenting Machines & Services

Apart from the obvious benefit of eliminating a malodor, air fresheners are also vital to well-being. Fresh, enhanced air increases energy levels and mental clarity, which in turn improves concentration and commercial output.

The following fragrances represent a sampling of some of the more popular scents deployed by Pestco to improve the ambient air quality of commercial and industrial spaces throughout Greater Pittsburgh and all of Western Pennsylvania.

Aloe Blossom Wafer (For Aroma One, Aroma Beam And Odyssey)

This complex, cool bouquet is imbued with a top note of dense pear, fresh, dewy melon and a tinge of a soft ocean breeze. 

A heart note soon follows characterized by intoxicating and exotic jasmine, powdery violet, passionate, musky rose and clear, calming herbal green aloe leaf. It is perfect for use in spas and salons.

This alluring fragrance completes with a woody base note of balsamic, refreshing pine and somber, dry and somewhat sugary cedar.

End Smoke Scentsia Cartridge and Solid Wafer

Smelly smoke odors in homes or commercial enterprises can now be a thing of the past.

The End Smoke wafer refill contains Metazene, the Godzilla of odor neutralizers. Its power lies in its ability to bond with malodorous smoke odor molecules and eliminate them forever from the ambient air via a chemical reaction.

End Smoke Wafer Scent

End Smoke’s potent, fresh, clean and neutral aroma is tinged with nuances of mint, spice, pine and delicate fruit. When these wafers are deployed with the End Smoke surface spray, Pestco guarantees a continuous, 30 day smoke-free setting.

The End Smoke cartridges are specifically designed to work within both the Aroma One and Aroma Beam bluetooth-operated diffusers.

Laundry Fresh Solid Wafer Fragrance Refill

Conjuring images of a simpler less hurried time and space marked by freshly laundered sheets waving in a warm, summer wind across a clothesline, this unique scent features a top note of soft, clean cotton and cool, refreshing water.

A fruity/floral heart note bouquet of powdery, sugary violet, sweet, bitter, and salty anise seed and green crisp apple soon takes hold, only to finally surrender to a base note characterized by musky, chalky driftwood that completes the fragrance.

Pink Grapefruit Wafer Fragrance Refill

This bright uplifting, scent opens with a top note of bitter, tangy and slightly sweet pink grapefruit, crisp apple, clean, astringent lemon and succulent tropical pineapple. 

A heart note soon appears comprised of fresh and sugary orange blossom, which then fades into a finishing base note characterized by earthy, passionate musk and fresh, juicy and dry orange peel.

Sachet Wafer Fragrance Refills

This redolent fragrance opens with a top note marked by nuances of juicy orange and sweet/sour lemon. 

These aspects soon surrender to a middle note comprised of romantic, musky rose petal, potent and dazzling peony, intensely intoxicating night-blooming jasmine and fiery bright carnation. 

A base note of sensual musk and slightly woody and amber-like balsam fir finish this memorable scent.

Vanilla Kreme Wafer Fragrance Refill

This name of this evocative and balmy South Sea island scent is inspired by the moniker of the world’s most coveted donut, albeit  it is guaranteed not to add a single calorie to the end user.

Vanilla Kreme Wafer Air Freshener

The scent opens with a top note dominated by fruity berry tones, which then fold into a sharp floral heart note that melds exquisitely into a final base note laden with rich, full and elegant vanilla bean.

Our wafers work perfectly within our Aroma One, Odyssey And Aroma Beam air freshener diffusers.

White Tea (Air Wisp Refill For For Aroma Styler)

This relaxing and serenity-inducing Far Eastern fragrance provides an ideal backdrop for spas and salons. Its origins lie in the fine, silvery-white hairs on the unopened buds of the Chinese tea plant, which render a whitish appearance.

It is characterized by a tea-type top note opening complemented by a subtle but energetic burst of citrus. These elements soon fuse into a dramatic, floral heart note  featuring soft, romantic rose, sweet, rich jasmine petal and sugary, exotic white tea bud.

The scent completes with a sweet-smelling sensual white musk and earthy, woody twig-like base-note.

The following represent the most popular air-freshener diffuser systems we utilize to handle all air-care odor control challenges.

Our Aroma Beam Blue-Tooth Operated Diffuser

The Aroma Beam was originally marketed in 2016 as a diffuser that when paired with Scentsia refill cartridges offers superior odor control solutions for commercial interiors up to 50,000 cubic feet. 

This dry vapor fragrance diffuser system is constructed from powder-coated steel and offers years of continuous, reliable service.

Aroma Beam Air Freshener Diffuser

The no-spill cartridges effectively combat malodors and offer a multitude of scent experiences that can be altered for holidays, seasons or themes and customized to suit any interior theme or décor.

The Aroma Beam diffuser system includes built in 24-hour battery back-up on/off timers, and is available in either portable or wall mounted configurations. 

It is easily adaptable to smaller spaces and is not an HVAC system diffuser that shoots the scent via ventilation ducts. It is completely self-supporting, has a fan, and projects fragrance from the unit itself. 

An optional mounting bracket allows for the manipulation of a beam of fragrance in any direction

The Smart Aroma One Scent Diffuser

The Aroma One Fan Air Freshener is particular to but not exclusive of restroom-specific malodors. This odor-neutralizing system offers superior, linear, fragrance enrichment for any small space. 

It is very versatile, and can be used with many Air-Scent refill types including; liquid, bottles and Solid Square wafers.

Aroma One Air Freshener Diffuser

Some of its most desirable features include: a modern design with optimal air-flow; a top-performing air velocity fan blade and an easy conversion from battery to electric. 

It is ideal for odor-management in powder rooms and condos that often have small trash chutes situated near living quarters.

The Aroma Styler HVAC Diffusers

This air-freshening system is perfect for ambient scenting in both large and small commercial environments including but not limited to: hotel lobbies, banquet halls, social areas, entrances and hallways, casinos, gaming, fitness centers, medical facilities, spa and wellness establishments and office buildings, just to name a handful. 

Also known as The Scent Styler, this system has the reputation for being one of the most powerful, easy-to-use HVAC atomizing diffuser systems available today.

Aroma Styler HVAC Diffuser

The Aroma Styler is very effective in improving indoor air quality for residential environments as well. This scent machine is the epitome of innovation within the field of industrial science. 

It is their cutting edge technology that converts liquid scent into dry, micro-particles, which in turn creates an imperceptible vapor that drifts across any open space.

This system is available in three applications (Gamma, Beta and Alpha), which makes it adaptable for use in both smaller commercial spaces and private homes. 

The Gamma covers up to 63,000 cubic feet, and can either stand alone or connect to an HVAC cold, ultra vapor mist. Its options include controllable output settings and three distinct programmable phases per day. 

The Beta size is best utilized for areas up to 21,000 cubic square feet and the Alpha option is even smaller, covering residential areas up to 10,500 cubic feet.

The Odyssey Air Freshener Dispenser

Professional in size and made from high-impact, durable polymers, this air freshen dispenser is specifically designed for scent diffusion and malodor elimination. It has been sanitizing and freshening washrooms in restaurants, hotels, gyms, spas, fitness centers and more for several decades. 

It features three-way ventilation for maximum air flow, a dust and vandal-resistant plastic design and a spill-proof tray that holds virtually every liquid or solid refill type. It comes with an easy to install wall mounting device and a selection from 4 attractive, high-gloss decorator finishes to complement its sleek European design.

In Conclusion

All of our fragrances are manufactured locally here in Pittsburgh and proudly serviced by Pittsburghers! 

Always remember Pestco Professional Services as the name to call for pest infestations, but never forget we offer other superior services as well; namely, effective odor-control and air-freshening solutions for Pittsburgh and Western Pennsylvania businesses and property owners!

Photo Credits: Pixabay

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