Pittsburgh Pest Control – Why Choose Quality Pro Certified

What does it mean to be Quality Pro Certified and why should Pittsburgh homeowners and businesses owners choose a pest control company with this mark of excellence?

QualityPro is an independent exclusive initiative reserved for member companies of the National Pest Association.

It certifies companies based on extensive standards that far exceed both state and federal regulations. For this reason, it is often referred to as “the mark of excellence in pest control” and one we at Pestco Professional Services proudly wear.

The main goals of Quality Pro are to both increase the level of professionalism within the pest-management industry, as demonstrated by our Pittsburgh-based expert technicians, and to serve as leaders who are dedicated to serving the dynamic pest-control and pest-management needs of consumers all across the nation.

Quality Pro Certified Excellence

In an effort to ensure that QualityPro accredited companies have access to the latest information and uphold the integrity of the program, the standards and supporting resources are continually monitored and enhanced as needed. 

QualityPro criteria are established by a Board of Directors with the help of experts in each field of qualification. 

These 20 pest-management professionals from all across the country are led by Chairman Kevin Burns of Arrow Exterminators. In regard to their mission and purpose, Burns, had this to say:

“We have studied our program and the needs of the industry in an effort to create a comprehensive program that teaches companies to be professional and helps consumers recognize all that our industry has to offer. This is evident in our new vision and reinforced through our goals for the coming years.”




Quality Pro Certification Mission and Purpose

Quality Pro represents the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval to savvy consumers because it is the only recognized and accepted credentialing authority within the pest-management industry. 

Developed in 2004, more than 500 of the best pest-control and pest-management companies are certified by Quality Pro. 

These businesses must meet 16 standards of excellence in four key categories before earning accreditation. They include: business operations, environmental stewardship, consumer relations and employee education. 

Once accredited, these companies become eligible to earn three additional certifications for service: namely, GreenPro, QualityPro Schools, QualityPro Public Health and QualityPro Food Safety. Further details are below.

Green Pro

The GreenPro certification is recognized by prominent organizations in both the United States and Canada.

Enhanced in 2015 to better meet the current and future needs of both commercial and residential customers, benefits associated with GreenPro service include: access to marketing tools to help promote both current and prospective customers and potential entry into business opportunities from partners such as: the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC), a membership-based non-profit organization that promotes sustainability in building design and construction; the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Green Restaurant Association (GRA),whose standards of waste reduction, recycling and sustainability provide a transparent means to measure each restaurant’s environmental accomplishments. 

QualityPro Schools

The presence of pests in schools and educational facilities can pose a significant threat to the health and well being of students and faculty alike. 

According to a 2018 report released by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), over the last 13 years in the United States alone, disease cases from mosquitoes, ticks and fleas have tripled. 

The pest-control and pest-management industry is often called upon to help maintain a healthy learning environment, and it is vitally important that pest control technicians have the knowledge and expertise needed to properly service their clients. 

The QualityPro Schools certification guarantees administrators that the technician sent to their school is well qualified and equipped to provide the best comprehensive service possible within a vulnerable environment.

Quality Pro Food Safety

The possibility of a widespread illness outbreak looms whenever a pest infestation in a food processing and/or handling facility takes hold. 

In this situation, technicians  require special knowledge about the environment, and the QualityPro Food Safety certification program equips accredited companies with additional resources, testing and training that reflects their commitment to excellence in servicing food plants and processing facilities.

QualityPro Public Health

The public desperately needs the pest-control and pest-management industry to be an unbreakable first line of defense against pest intruders that pose danger to the public-at-large. 

As such, it is crucial that pest-control and pest-management companies are equipped with the resources they need to build science-based, effective services. 

QualityPro’s new array of Public Health certifications demand that technicians have the necessary knowledge to perform services via rigorous training and testing.

Quality Pro and Eco-Friendly Practices

Quality Pro is proud of its role as an environmental steward and is devoted to the legacy for the future generations on planet Earth and to a reduction of the carbon footprint. 

Its emphasis on integrated pest management services (IPM) involves the use of non chemical strategies and a reliance on pesticides only when no other options are available. 

According to a Harris interactive poll, 76% of adults prefer to eliminate pest problems in their home with “green” products; 61% seek out green pest control services and 82% want the products they use at home to be safe for the environment. 

Green not only matters, it rules for Quality Pro.

Benefits Of Using A Quality Pro Certified Company

More than 70 percent of the revenues generated in the pest management industry are attributed to accredited companies. 

A commitment to the highest standards in professional pest-control and pest-management renders trusted companies a definitive edge over competitors and greater opportunities to expand. 

Below are other benefits specifically associated with Quality Pro membership.

Eligibility For Additional Service Certifications

Accredited companies can further demonstrate their commitment to providing quality services with the affiliations mentioned above.

Consumer Confidence

Quality Pro membership guarantees that a company’s employees are tested and trained to adhere to the highest industry standards. Consumers are provided with an IPM information sheet that indicates proper pesticide handling and the assurance that all technicians and sales employees have passed the QualityPro exam.

A Commitment To Excellence 

A QualityPro designation is earned by less than 3 percent of all pest-control and pest-management companies in the United States. Such accreditation demonstrates both a commitment to excellence and the provision of protection for consumers.

Quality Pro Certification Is a Point of Pride

This intangible benefit is an important reason to trust Quality Pro, as it ensures that all employees, via education, training and certification, are tested and trained to the highest industry standards.

Quality Pro Pittsburgh Pest Control

We have been both a leader and a pioneer within the pest-control and pest management industry for more than seven decades.

And since 1948, our professionals at Pestco have also been providing pest-control and pest-management solutions and comprehensive washroom sanitation maintenance to businesses throughout Pittsburgh, western Pennsylvania, eastern Ohio and the Virginia Panhandle.


Pestco Professional Services Pest Control


We understand the significance of utilizing pest control techniques that are both effective and environmentally responsible, which means applying extra thought and care into pesticide choices so that they are directed and designed to kill the single pest rather than harm residential humans and pets.

If you are a Pittsburgh home owner or business owner facing an infestation of any kind, call our teams at Pestco today at (412) 252-5200 and let us help you with our tried and true, QualityPro Certified pest-control and pest-management solutions!

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