Why Year-Round Pest Control Is An Absolute Must

Year round pest control is often avoided as a solution to a pest-free Pittsburgh home or office. Fears of frightful costs and too much pesticide abound, but they are not founded in truth.

Year round care is actually less expensive than emergency care, and fewer pesticides are employed during scheduled inspections than would be in the instance of an infestation.

That old saying about an ounce of prevention being equal to one pound of cures is as true about effective pest-control and pest-maintenance as it is about any other potentially harmful life situation.

Despite the fact that indigenous, ancient civilizations believed that all living things had souls, it isn’t likely that insect pests ever fell within this category.

In fact, their presence has always been so much more than just annoying. In some cases, they are vectors of serious diseases, which are easily spread and can create harmful heath problems.

Pests will NEVER go away on their own. Once they gain a foothold in your home, they have found a consistent source of food, warmth and shelter, giving them no need to leave in winter, summer, spring or fall.

Pittsburgh Winter Pest Control Services

It’s wishful thinking for a home owner to believe that because they might not be seen in large numbers at certain times of the year that indoor pests are not really a cause for alarm. BECAUSE THEY ARE. 

While home owners’ priorities may understandably shift from pest-control in spring and summer to raking leaves and preparing for winter in the autumn months, this is a mistake.

It is true that some insect species enter a state of hibernation over the colder months of the year, but this does not mean that many other species such as:bedbugs; ants; spiders; roaches, termites, rodents and other creepy crawlies aren’t up and about.

These critters can still be a serious problem in your home. Bedbugs, for example, thrive in climate-controlled environments and warm homes provide warmth and many hidden places to breed…and bite.

Debunking A Few Myths About Pest Control

The following represent some ideas that often prevent home owners from thinking outside the box when it comes to pest-control and pest maintenance. Sometimes, to only see what seems to be can result in very expensive repercussions.

Clean Homes Don’t Have Pests

This myth can be very painful and very costly to correct. While no one can argue that a clean home isn’t better than a dirty one for many reasons, keeping pests away isn’t one of them.

As long as invading critters can access shelter and a food source, they are in a home to stay until our teams get a call to assess the damage and provide a rotating, year-round maintenance schedule to keep them out permanently. 

Cats Will Control A Mouse Problem

While cats fare very well in controlling mouse populations in barns and outlying buildings, in the home it is not so easy.

While their instincts may cause them to run and seek them out, the fact is that mice are much smaller than cats and can hide in tight spots where cats cannot go. (Think Tom and Jerry cartoon capers).

Rats Are Dirty

Although rodents, and particularly rats, are always associated with deadly diseases like the plague, and filth, rats, in reality are very clean about their living habits.

At least half of their lives is spent cleaning their hives, which have designated areas for waste elimination.

This by no means makes them welcome in any residence except maybe in the home of Willard of horror movie fame, where he used rats as weapons to kill people he didn’t like.

Pesticide Is Always Safe For Children And Pets

Pest-control and pest-maintenance specialists should always use pesticides that are safe for people, pets and the environment.

It is important, however, not to overlook the fact that after an application, children and pets should be removed from the area for as long a period as directed by professionals.

Bug Zappers Repel Mosquitoes

For those invading pests that are attracted to a light source, zappers can repel them. Mosquitoes, however, are a horse of another color, so to speak. Light neither attracts nor deters mosquitoes, and getting rid of them will likely require year-round pest-control and pest-maintenance. 

The Benefits Of Year Round Pest Control

1) Being Proactive With Pest Control Is Always Better

Proactive rather than reactive is the best way to go when it comes to keeping your home safe from unwanted encounters of the insect kind.

Year round pest control and pest-maintenance solutions performed by the experts at Pestco can stop infestations before they begin, which is always a safer and more cost effective solution.

Removing hidden spiders webs and eggs before hundreds of them hatch and are suddenly all over your home, and wasp nests before they can reach full capacity and can greatly reduce the chances of not only being stung but also in some cases, preventing usual ingress or egress depending how close the nest may be to a home.

Populations of mosquitoes, ticks, and other dangerous pests can also be eliminated before becoming problematic.

2. Professional Methods Are The Best Solution

DIY pest control does have its place in certain situations, but when it comes to a full blown infestation, using OTC products is like trying to plug up an exploding dam with your fingers. It can also be more expensive than ever expected.

Consider this example. A homeowner may use five treatments of OTC products to remove ants and still have an ant infestation. 

In worse instances, the failure of a particular product is not immediately visible and when dealing with more destructive insects such as carpenter ants, the damage to your home can continue unabated.

The pest-control and pest-maintenance specialists at Pest use EPA products and they are in fact, the only company of its kind that manufactures the products that it uses.

They are all EPA approved and are applied strategically to ensure the greatest level of protection from unwanted pests. 

3. Year-Round Pest Control Ensures Finding Problems Before They Happen

Regularly scheduled service appointments allows our highly trained professionals to effectively identify and monitor potential issues before they occur.

There is no price to put on peace of mind, and our technicians can ensure that homes or businesses are pest-free, which will save time, money and serious aggravation in the long run. 

Call Pestco Professional Services For Year Round Pest Control!

If you own a home or business anywhere throughout all of Greater Pittsburgh, call our teams today and learn more about our exclusionary techniques and year round pest control services! (412) 252-5100

Pestco Professional Services team

Photo Credits: Pestco, Shutterstock and Pixabay

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