12 Must-Do Pest Control Tips For Pittsburgh Businesses

Those Pittsburgh business owners and managers who cut corners and feel they don’t need the pest-control services because they are either not involved with food preparation or service or because their business is situated in a new building and isn’t likely to attract insects and rodents, are often subjected to the ramifications of fatal misconceptions.

In reality, modern buildings are known to have many voids and ducts that make perfect homes for pests.

Insect and rodent pest-control and pest-management services are vital to a company’s reputation and bottom line, and all commercial establishments can fall prey to a pest invasion.

Cockroaches, ants, mice, rats and dreaded bed bugs can find their way into the cleanest of commercial settings, and they wreak havoc with any company’s hard-earned public image.

Bad publicity spreads like wildfire across social media outlets, review websites, word-of-mouth and dreaded published inspections.

Recovery after news of an infestation isn’t easy, even after the problem has been resolved.

In addition to daily cleaning services that will clean up spills and remove debris, which are havens for unwanted visitors, maintaining an ongoing pest-control and pest-management plan is the only practical way to protect a company’s status in a community.

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A Few Relevant Studies and Statistics

Financial losses are common when an establishment is invaded by insects or rodents and can sometimes be staggering.

A 2015 British study conducted by the Centre for Economics and Business Research and entitled: The Business and Economic Impacts of Pest infestation concluded that 48 percent of participants reported disruptions to their daily business routines for over two weeks after an infestation was addressed.

These additional costs can negatively impact finances in many ways including: lost income; damaged inventory and compensation claims.

Effective pest-control and pest-management services, such as those provided by the expert technicians at Pestco Professional Services, can prevent significant financial losses.

It’s important that any company, no matter what the service or product, protect their brand reputation and that elusive, all-important bottom line.

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12 Pest Control Tips For Businesses

Proper business pest control practices can prevent infestations by rendering surroundings unattractive to invading marauders. Sadly, these measures are often overlooked by busy business managers and owners.

Check them out now and become pro-active!

1. Be Vigilant With Eliminating Any Standing Water

Standing water is a breeding ground for mosquitoes, rats and cockroaches, and in the case of mosquitoes particularly, is vital to the completion of their life cycle, which includes four stages of development (egg, larva, pupa, and adult). 

No matter what the business, if the surrounding property has potholes or anything that is collecting water, it can attract many unwanted pests. 

2. Use Commercial Grade Floor Fans

The use of commercial grade floor fans is a great weapon against excessive indoor moisture. Use after floor cleaning each night can effectively dry those hard-to-reach  areas that can easily collect moisture.

3. Maintain, Clean And Empty Any Trash Cans

Trash is one of the biggest attractions to both insects and rodents. As an efficient pest-control and pest-management measure, trash cans should be emptied regularly, have inner liners and self-closing lids. 

It is also important to pick up any fruits and vegetables that may have fallen to the ground in and around garden areas. Compost piles must be secure so that rodents cannot gain ingress and feed upon them.

4. Practice Good Consistent Sanitation

When it comes to pest-control and pest-management for businesses, proper sanitation requires a consistent cleaning ritual, whether the effort is directed at preventing an infestation or eliminating one. 

Restaurant staff, particularly, must diligently clean floors, sinks and equipment, including trash bins frequently.

5. Install Door Sweeps To Any Doorways

Sometimes, solutions lie within the realm of simplicity. Doors are easy points of ingress for invading pests, and door sweeps are economical deterrents for keeping pests out of a facility. They close off easily unnoticed small gaps under a door. 

6. Check And Empty Your Company Dumpsters

The smell of food is a clarion call to hungry pests that are always lurking about, even if they are not in plain sight. It is not sufficient to just empty trash cans, as dumpsters not only provide food but also shelter to marauding pests. They should be frequently emptied.

7. Be Diligent With Peripheral Landscaping

Landscaping is a double-edged sword for Pittsburgh business owners and managers because there are few things more attractive than a beautifully manicured storefront adorned with colorful gardens, exotic shrubbery and ornamental blooms. 

This environment is automatically welcoming for customers, but also to insects and other pests seeking shelter and breeding grounds. 

Some flowers and trees are more vulnerable to insect attack than others, and business managers must work with landscapers to ensure that the right plants are selected for a commercial property. All shrubs should also always be neatly trimmed.

8. Periodically Inspect Your Rooftops

Rooftops are very easy to overlook because they are physically inaccessible. However, they are serious trouble spots for rodent ingress that should be inspected on a regular basis. 

Things to look for include: pooling water; dirty gutters and loose seals around doors and skylights. 

9. Clean All Floor Drains Regularly

Food waste is an irresistible lure to invading insects because once it goes down the drain, it creates a residual odor that is like the call of the legendary sirens of the sea to marauding pests. 

They gain ingress via cracks in mostly bathroom drains. Pittsburgh business owners should always keep drains and pipes free of debris. 

10. Identify Areas Where Pests Might Enter

An important step in preventing pest invasions is for a business owner to know where on a commercial property pest invaders are likely to enter. No edifice is ever perfect in this regard. 

Flies and ants can squeeze through tiny cracks and holes and even rodents can fit into openings as small as a dime. The latter also chew their way inside with their teeth and they often damage drywall and electrical equipment.

11. Reduce As Much Clutter As Possible

Cartons, stacks of paper, packaging materials, stored fabrics and other forms of commercial clutter are havens for marauding insects and rodents because they provide perfect hiding places to nest and breed. 

Clutter prevents access to damp areas near plumbing in the walls, which can easily go unnoticed when blocked. 

12. Coordinate Regular Profesional Inspections

Beyond practical do-it-yourself measures, professionals, like the experts at Pestco, should be called upon annually to inspect any and all commercial spaces at least once a year.

They will seal up access points with silicone caulk especially near utility pipes and carefully examine all cracks and crevices as well as trash bins, sinks, floor drains and electrical outlets.

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In Conclusion

If you are Pittsburgh business owner or manager, call our teams today and let them help you with any pest-control or pest-management issues. 

Even if there have been no problems as of yet, there is no guarantee that there won’t be in the near future. To ensure peace of mind and concentrate instead on daily business operations, let Pestco Professional Services transform your business into a pest-free, sweet-smelling and hygienic place to both work and visit!

Final thought on unwanted pests: Roaches have been making surprise athletes of women since the dawn of time. ~ Somecards.com

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