5 Scents To Boost Sales For Pittsburgh Auto Dealerships

While ambient scent diffusion and air freshener services for almost any industry under the sun are beneficial to consumer traffic and establishing brand loyalty, their use in the realm of the automobile industry and particularly, auto dealerships, is both unmistakable and outstanding.

In Pittsburgh, PA, this is most clearly illustrated by the increasing demand

for the duality of ambient scenting services we offer via our sister company, Air-Scent International.

A sensory experience in a showroom almost if not always leads to increased dwell time, which unconsciously can bolster emotional involvement with a specific brand and even serve to put a potential car buyer enough at ease to make a purchase. 

Relevant Studies and Statistics

The most current research clearly indicates that the human sense of smell affects some 75% of all our daily emotions and is vital to memory formation.

A recent white paper representing research conducted from Premium Scenting and Walnut Unlimited and entitled:The Ultimate Car Showroom Report indicated that scent impacts the human experience within the span of 5 seconds, making it even a few seconds faster than sight.

This powerfully affects brand impression and if both of the senses are triggered simultaneously, this research suggests that brand influence on the consumer increases by 30%. 

This same study further indicated that if three senses were engaged at the same time, the number more than doubled to a whopping 70%.

Ambient Fragrance Pittsburgh Auto Showroom

Some 48% of the consumers examined in this study acknowledged that a pleasant smelling dealership would encourage more lingering time, and 69% admitted that such a smell would positively increase their perception of the idea of luxury or adventure that might be associated with a particular brand.

The idea that scent can leverage specific human emotions is clear. Almost a third of these same participants noted that a pleasing smell could entice them to return to a specific showroom.

Capturing That New Car Smell

Scenting in dealerships unconsciously connects with consumers on a deep, personal level, which in turn helps to win their trust and influence their purchasing choices. Comedienne, Rita Rudner, once said that she found a new perfume that attracts men called New Car Interior.

But what exactly is that new car smell and how can it be strategized to increase sales? The answer is that there is no single solution, as each showroom’s signature scent should reflect the spirit, goals and persona of the brand in question, and determining this requires the consummate skill of our experts at Air-Scent International and their air fresheners that are available via Pestco Professional Services to determine.

Air-Scent International Headquarters

This is due to the fact that identifying scents that reflect a particular brand has to be carefully thought out, and that is just as important as nailing down the exact fragrance that will work for that particular showroom.

This strategy requires consummate marketing skill and will only be effective if it leveraged properly.

Ambient scent marketing is both science and an art, and finding that right scent can take a while because the range of choices are virtually endless.

In the case of auto showrooms and dealerships, the needs are very particular because not only is the industry extremely competitive, cars are purchased infrequently even by the wealthiest of clientele, rendering that first impression all the more volatile and significant.

Our teams at Pestco Profession Services know how to narrow down a brand’s demographic, which serves to target specific scent types, as a younger crowd is drawn to some fragrances more than others and the same is true for older consumers.

Showroom smells of leather, rubber, wax and paint can still smell differently and each of them represents a mosaic of connecting tissue between a brand’s unique values, target audience, history and future.

Car Showroom Scenting

Scenting cements feelings of quality, integrity and confidence in the minds of consumers and imprints an unforgettable connection to a brand.

In addition to creating an indelible first impression, scent marketing also encourages dwell time, which can not only make customers more in the mood to make a purchase, but possibly even likelier to agree to a higher sales price than that which is indicated on a car.

Air-Scent International’s air fresheners, which are available via Pestco Professional Services, provide continuous air freshening and odor protection throughout a car showroom.

Their versatile dispensers and refills, which are laced with the powerful odor neutralizer, Metazene, are top-of-the-line and are guaranteed to keep a dealership or showroom of any size smelling fresh and clean all day long.

These as well as pest and odor control and restroom hygiene services are all available to Pittsburgh industries under one cost-effective, all inclusive blanket of services known as The Complete Care Facility Program.

Facility hygiene, whether it concerns an odor or a pest problem, is an ongoing concern that is most effectively addressed when technicians are called to a scene before a malodor gets out of hand.

The goal of our Complete Care Facility Program is to provide the best odor-control and air freshening services for all of its customers by offering a cost-effective bundle of services from one trusted company (namely Pestco) that provides pest and odor control, air freshening and restroom hygiene services performed by Enviro-Master Services.

5 Ambient Fragrances For Pittsburgh Auto Dealerships

The following fragrances are designed for the purpose of ambient scenting. Each work within our Aroma Styler HVAC diffuser (pictured below) and or Aroma Beam Bluetooth-operated air freshener diffuser.

Aroma Styler HVAC Diffuser

Island Breeze

This beguiling fragrance evokes soft, sultry and exotic landscapes. It streams with head notes laden with lush, pearly and coconut tinged piña colada, fresh, juicy and zingy orange slice and rich, sensuous cream.

These aspects soon seamlessly fold into a heart note bouquet brimming with facets of haunting and intense jasmine and sugary, salty and somewhat acidic anise.

The scent finishes with a sweet dry down of enticing, luxurious and elegant vanilla, moist, sugary, crystallized candy and green, fruity and tropical rind of pineapple.

Lemongrass and Sage

A fragrance of great energy and intensity, top notes burst with citrus facets of fresh lemon and rich, spicy ginger.

These elements soon drift into a sensual heart note of clean, crisp and green lemongrass and earthy, warm, and woody dry sage.

Base notes of rosy, herbal geranium and sensual, erotic musk complete this energizing and unforgettable scent. 


Citrus top notes of tangy, uplifting grapefruit, clean, fresh lemon and sharp and zesty lime introduce this lively, bracing scent.

These elements soon drift into a floral, herbal middle note marked by woody, aromatic rosemary, peppery, spicy and green basil, piney, pungent eucalyptus, rich and smooth gardenia, spicy, clove-like and bright carnation and highly sweet and intense night blooming jasmine.

The scent completes with a sensual dry down of dark, lusty patchouli, honeyed, rich and warm amber, aromatic, robust, and green Douglas fir and earthy musk.


Opening bursts of tart grapefruit, fresh, sweet lemon and crunchy apple form the head notes of this warm and inviting fragrance.

These fruity facets seamlessly float into a floral heart note bouquet brimming with romantic, musky rose, haunting and deeply intoxicating jasmine, potent, exciting and creamy tuberose, soft, green and delicate lily-of-the-valley and rich, velvety gardenia. This compelling fragrance completes with a dry down comprised of earthy, rich and honeyed amber and ozonic, sun-dried driftwood.

White Tea And Fig

This sweet-smelling blend of tropical, citrusy and fruity elements opens with a top note dominated by fresh, sweet, green and earthy fig that seamlessly blends into a middle note featuring smooth, exotic and clean white tea bud, narcotic, deeply intoxicating jasmine and musky, dreamy rose.

A luxurious, soothing dry down featuring aspects of clean, dry and balsamic cedar, earthy, smooth amber and passionate, erotic musk complete this unforgettable scent.

In Conclusion

If you are the owner or manager of a Pittsburgh car dealership, Pestco Professional Services and our allies at Air Scent international s are here to help in keeping any enterprise smelling fresh, clean and inviting at all times. 

Give us a call today and find out what they can do for both your showroom and your bottom line.

Final thought about new car smells: I want to upholster the inside lining of my nostrils with leather, to have that new car smell all the time. ~ Jared Kintz

Photo Credits: Pixabay

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