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Where Flies Lay Their Eggs – 5 Tips To Prevent Infestations

Flies are opportunistic and lay their eggs on decaying organic matter like food waste, feces, and dead animals. They may also lay eggs in moist areas like drains or damp soil in potted plants. Proper sanitation and waste management can help prevent fly infestations. Here are 5 tips to prevent infestations!

How To Protect Your Pet From Flea and Tick Season

The great outdoors awaits us all with the glorious advent of spring and summer. Hikes with the family dog through lush green fields, walks through a garden resplendent with colorful blooms or lazy afternoons lounging in a hammock on a back porch are the kind of moments people wait all year to enjoy. Like all things in life …

Pittsburgh Mining Bee Control And Extermination

Mining bees are solitary, ground-nesting insects that belong to the genus of andrena bees found in the family known as Andrenidae. The inclusion of more than 1,500 separate species makes this one of the largest classifications of living things on earth …