Fly Season is Here

Discover the discreet solution to perplexing fly problems in commercial establishments. No one will ever know these handsome lights are trapping flies.

No matter what you call them— fly traps, fly lights, fly zappers, bug zappers, bug lights, fly sconces— has a fly control solution to suit every need. Are annoying fruit flies a problem? Then, check out our new products for fruit fly control.

Electronic flying insect control traps are the products of choice for effective indoor fly control in food-handling, commercial, industrial and residential areas. The fundamentals of these warranteed fly traps are simple, yet highly effective.

Irresistible ultraviolet light lures flies to the attractive unit. Depending on the model selected, flies are either trapped on a disposable glue board (1, 2) or “zapped” on an electronic grid (3) where they are automatically disposed of in a special hygienic tray. With several models to choose from, there is a fly trapping system to suit every need.

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